Dustin Rhodes has seen his share of the worst that the world can give, but he’s still got a dream and a burning rage to wrestle. Rhodes has been out of action since suffering a knee injury while challenging then-Ring of Honor Champion Claudio Castagnoli on the August 26 edition of "AEW Rampage," however, and he gave an update on his road to recovery during an appearance on the "Sports Guys Talking Wrestling" podcast.

"Knee’s great, man. I’m feeling good, I’m ready to go back, so I’ll be back very, very soon," Rhodes said. "Maybe two weeks."

Before the injury, Rhodes had been talking about winding down his in-ring career, though he notes that he’s currently feeling good post-treatment. "I am getting older so that weighs on my mind a little bit," Rhodes mused. While Rhodes was quick to note that he’s never had ACL surgery, he’s had plenty of procedures on his knee.

"This is 14 surgeries altogether," Rhodes tallied. "I was feeling a little old because of my knee. It was taking me a little longer to recuperate from it. Once it went over the hill its like, ‘Great, now I got it. It’s good to go.’ But I am getting older and they’re getting younger and faster, and I know my time is short. I still have a year under contract or a little less than a year, and I’m just gonna try to do the best I can and entertain as much as I can, because I still love it and I’m still passionate about it. But it’s a young man’s game."