Konnan has been backstage plenty for AEW shows in the past, and based on those experiences, he’s claiming he learned some pretty specific information from his interactions with Colt Cabana.

During a recent episode of his "Keepin’ It 100" podcast, Konnan said that Cabana had told him in the past that he and Punk still weren’t on good terms after their friendship deteriorated. "Let me tell you. When I saw Colt Cabana backstage, I remember asking him, I go, ‘Yo, what’s up with you now that Punk’s back?’ He was like, ‘Yeah man, we’re not really talking,’" Konnan recalled. "I go, ‘Come on, dude. After all these years and you guys were boys?’"

Konnan went as far as to say he sensed that Cabana knew he’d be on the chopping block due to Punk’s value to AEW.

"He would kind of look around like he knew — now when I look back — he knew that he was probably gonna get the axe from Punk somehow, or Tony did it to make Punk happy, or Punk asked him," Konnan said. "Now when I think back to that day, I remember telling him, ‘Bro, you can’t even sit down and say, ‘Hey let’s reset our relationship?" He goes, ‘Nah, man. He won’t even talk to me.’"

Konnan stated that he felt it was obvious that Cabana was a victim of politics. He also said he was glad to see Cabana back on AEW television. Cabana made his return to AEW programming on the November 2 episode of "Dynamite." Many felt the timing was rather convenient, as he returned on the heels of AEW and CM Punk reportedly engaged in contract buyout talks.

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