Overwatch is a dead game. No seriously, if you wanted to play Overwatch now, you wouldn’t be able to because it is dead, the servers having burst into flames, as Overwatch 2 prepares to rise from its ashes, hopefully ready for everything tomorrow will bring.

Ovewatch 2 launches tomorrow, and since it is essentially replacing the first game, that means Blizzard needs some time to ‘make the swap’ as it were.


At the very least, the shut down has brought about some wholesome Overwatch community moments.

One streamer for example and their lobby all just hung out and waited for the shut down together, like people holding each other in those moments before they know the end is coming.

With that being the true final nail in the coffin for Overwatch, it is stark thing to know that a game many people purchased for years is now entirely gone, and if you want to play anything resembling it, you need to play its sequel.

That’s not to say Overwatch 2 has exactly re-made the wheels for the car that is the core gameplay, but it’s more pointing to the fact that this is another case in which a game is simply removed from existence by its publisher.

It’s a bad precedent, and it’s almost never a choice made for the benefit of the player.