The Bahama Mama is a sweet rum-based cocktail that is also straight to the point. Do you enjoy a cocktail that provides a tropical feel, as if you’re sipping it on a beach? Fantastic! This one is definitely for you.

The origins of the Bahama Mama are a little unclear. According to Spoon University, a leading theory is that the drink was named after a Caribbean dancer who went by the name — you guessed it — Bahama Mama. Another story speculates that the drink came about during Prohibition when the Bahamas were allegedly a site for rum smuggling. We may never know exactly how the Bahama Mama was created, but we can relish the tasty cocktail with a catchy name.

Another bonus about this cocktail is the bright red color, which recipe developer Catherine Brookes is a big fan of with the drink. "I love the vibrant color and sweetness of this fruity cocktail," she describes. "It’s so fun to serve for a special occasion!" She describes the drink as "fruity, tropical, and sweet, with a good kick from the rum," and if those are all boxes you’d like to check when sipping on a cocktail, then what are you waiting for? Escape for a little while with this refreshing Bahama Mama recipe for two.

Grab the ingredients to make a Bahama Mama

The main liquor in this cocktail is dark rum, though you can use white rum in a pinch. "You could use white rum here, but dark rum adds that slightly deeper caramel flavor," Brookes explains. Additionally, you’ll need grenadine, pineapple juice, orange juice, and some coconut rum — the latter of which provides a special something to the cocktail. "The coconut rum adds an extra boost of tropical flavor," Brookes notes. Finally, you’ll need some ice because this is a refreshing cocktail, after all.

Add ice and garnishes to the glasses

To kick off this recipe, grab two tall glasses and fill them with ice. Next up, add any desired garnishes to the rim of the glasses. Brookes uses an orange slice and cherry, but other fruit garnishes would be fair game here as well. Why not tack on a pineapple wedge to complement the pineapple juice in the cocktail?

Stir up the cocktails

With your glasses adequately garnished and iced, you can build the actual cocktail. Add in the dark rum, coconut rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, and grenadine — which, by the way, you can thank for the vibrant red color that really makes this cocktail stand out.

Enjoy your refreshing Bahama Mama

Stir up all of the liquid with either a straw or spoon, then get ready to escape to a tropical paradise. "This would be great for a summer party, cocktail night, or tropical beach-themed event," Brookes suggests. But hey, a Bahama Mama is also perfectly suited for a Friday night in, and it may just help you escape to a faraway beach.