The November 7 edition of "WWE Raw" saw the 24/7 Title thrown into the trash and a failed Money in the Bank cash-in. However, many are still buzzing about the near one-minute promo battle in Japanese between Asuka and Damage CTRL’s IYO SKY. The two went back and forth, as can be seen on Twitter, with the two helping to further the feud for Survivor Series: WarGames.

SKY and Asuka are both Japanese, but neither one has done a long promo in Japanese, which made this unique. In response to the promo exchange, KAIRI, who also is Japanese and is a former co-holder of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship with Asuka,tweeted: "oh my… 咯不." The exchange ended when SKY called Asuka a b****, to which the crowd collectively went "Ohh."

Grand Slam Champion Asuka has been known to put out comedic images and videos on Instagram. She tweeted a video of the promo battle, with people clapping for her, and when SKY called her a b**** it cut to the quiet crowd from an episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants." In the tweet, she said: "Asuka: 不不不 Iyo: 打"

Damage CTRL (Bayley, Dakota Kai, and SKY) and Asuka, Bianca Belair, and Alexa Bliss have been feuding since SummerSlam. However, Asuka and SKY have yet to have a one-on-one encounter in WWE — a match that many have been waiting for. The two have faced off many times in tag team and six-woman action. At Crown Jewel last weekend, SKY and Dakota Kai defeated Asuka and Bliss for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles after losing them to Asuka and Bliss five days prior on the October 31 edition of "Raw."