Ken Shamrock has explained why he left WWE in 1999. "The World’s Most Dangerous Man" had success early on in his WWE run, challenging Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship and winning the Intercontinental Championship, as well becoming 1998’s King of the Ring. During an interview with "Vlad TV," Shamrock detailed his decision to leave WWE and return to MMA under the Pride Fighting Championships banner.

"I believe my last match was Jericho," Shamrock said. "I believe, could be wrong, but I feel like that was the last one. I already felt like I was being clumped into groups, and that I was just kind of a side thing now. Like, whatever storyline was over here, we would just do. It didn’t make any sense. It just didn’t feel like they knew what to do with me from that point. It just felt like I was just there." Shamrock also revealed whether or not he truly took a liking to the wrestling business.

"I ended up falling in love with it," Shamrock said. "I did, I really liked it, but where we were at at that point in time, it just felt like they weren’t really using me at the level that I thought I should’ve been used just because of where I came from." Shamrock went on to say that he felt he had been a proven draw, but was playing the role of second fiddle. He said the thought of going back to MMA and being the main star of a promotion such as the UFC again was too good to pass up.

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