Ari Daivari is one of many stars to have made the leap over from WWE to AEW. Performing in WWE from 2016 until 2021, Daivari wrestled mainly on "205 Live," and while the Cruiserweight brand has become defunct since his release, Daivari recently revealed that he once attempted to talk Vince McMahon into rehiring his brother, former TNA X-Division Champion Shawn Daivari.

"When I got to WWE before he was a producer, I went to Vince and I pitched rehiring my brother," Ari said on "AEW Unrestricted." "I showed him all our tag stuff, he really liked it. He liked our look, you know? We’re two Persian brothers. Even though he’s five years older, we’re roughly the same height, you know? When I shaved my head bald, we looked very similar. He liked the look and everything. The hurdle was just hiring a new talent, was just getting someone new, getting someone hired, you know? Vince just always seemed to want to work with the guys who are already there. So asking to bring someone back in was kind of a tough sell, and didn’t happen."

Shawn had previously worked in WWE from 2005 until his release in 2007, most notably alongside Muhammad Hassan; the pairing even received a pay-per-view matchup against Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels in 2005, which they unsurprisingly lost. Shawn would not find championship success in WWE, however, and the only time both Daivari brothers appeared on-screen together in WWE was during a controversial segment during the Greatest Royal Rumble.

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