Following AEW’s All Out pay-per-view in early September, CM Punk took part in the media scrum that AEW does after each PPV event. Punk’s caustic comments led to a backstage brawl, multiple suspensions, and vacated titles.

During the media scrum, Punk shared his criticisms of The Elite as Executive Vice Presidents. AEW CEO Tony Khan was right next to Punk during his entire tirade but never stepped in to end Punk’s tirade. Some believe Khan should have put an end to the verbal fireworks, while others lean more on the side of Khan sticking it out.

Appearing on "Ten Count," NWA owner Billy Corgan addressed Khan not stopping Punk during the media scrum.

"I think that’s an unfair question because we don’t know a lot of things that only Tony and Punk would know," Corgan said. "If I was in a similar situation, to answer the spirit of the question, I think I would be calculating, ‘Is the controversy of what this person is saying gonna be good for the talent and for business,’ because there were aspects of what Punk said that were good for business because wrestling likes heat, or, as Eric Bischoff says, ‘Controversy creates cash."

Corgan also discussed if he believes the press conferences have been positive.

"I would caution fans to remember that … the wrestling business is a lot more complicated than fans realize that it is," Corgan said. "Tony’s got a ton of publicity from those post-show press conferences. What he’s done has been very good for AEW and for the business of AEW. So, if you’re Tony, and I’m not Tony, that’s been a good thing."

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