"Stone Cold" Steve Austin recalled the time he lost out on a sponsorship deal due to a blunder by his agent during the WWE Hall of Famer’s recent sneaker-shopping excursion with Complex. Austin reflected on frequently wearing Magnum boots and how they were the perfect fit for him.

"Whether I bought ’em on my own or they had sent them up to the office, I tried ’em on and I was in love," Austin said. "So, I love the way those boots feel, and I still wear those today when I’m out riding side by sides or I’m going hunting for three days. That’s what I wear."

Austin said he was actually on the verge of a dream sponsorship with the company that made the boots, but his agent’s bad advice derailed things.

"My agent at the time, you always think that your agent is smarter than you, and they said, ‘Steve, I think this is a good deal, but we ought to hold out and see if Nike comes at you instead,’" Austin said. "I was like, ‘Well, okay, this is the agent. So he’s supposed to be smarter than me.’ So we didn’t do the deal with Hi-Tec and then as nothing happened with Nike, I went back and I’m like, ‘When was Nike ever gonna make a badass boot made for a badass wrestler who was kicking the hell out of everybody on TV?’ They don’t and they didn’t. So my agent blew the deal and I’ll never forget that."

If you use any quotes in this article, please credit Complex with an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.