Chris Jericho has revealed what appealed to him about joining Tony Khan’s AEW promotion when it was unproven. Today, Jericho is considered a major player for AEW, both in the ring and behind the scenes. He was viewed as a major signing back in 2019, and it came as a surprise to many as Jericho once swore he’d never work for an American wrestling company outside of WWE.

Serving as a guest on ESPN’s "Sedano & Kap" show, Jericho said that at first, he wasn’t sold on the idea of yet another wealthy businessman trying to start a wrestling promotion. That changed when he got to know Khan.

"Do you realize how much money it costs to start a wrestling company? Do you realize how hard it is to find fresh, exciting talent that hasn’t been around the block? Do you realize how hard it is to get a television deal with a network? Tony Khan did realize that, and after talking to him I thought, ‘Wow, there might actually be something to this,’ and that’s kind of what really started attracting me to it," Jericho said.

Jericho noted that he felt there was a chance he could be a part of something that would change the industry. "That really appealed to me to start working with Tony because I knew if AEW was a success, we could change the course of wrestling history."

Jericho also expressed the belief that had he stayed with WWE, he would’ve just been a cog in the wheel. At the time, he felt that he could make more of a difference working for AEW than sticking with WWE.

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