The departure of former NWA World Champion Nick Aldis from the National Wrestling Alliance continued to resonate, with former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Matt Cardona offering his input on Aldis’s tumultuous exit.

In an interview with "Inside the Ropes," Cardona observed that the difficulty between Aldis and Corgan "apparently is legit." And while Cardona admitted that he was not a close friend to Aldis outside of the ring, he praised him as a wrestling competitor.

"We wrestled before," he said. "I felt we had great chemistry in the ring. I think he’s a total pro. I think he looks like a million bucks, he talks like a million bucks. He was the face of the NWA for a long, long time and he did a hell of a job."

Cardona won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in February and was scheduled to defend the title against Aldis at NWA Alwayz Ready in June, but he was forced to withdraw from the match and vacate the title following an injury at GCW Downward Spiral in May.

Cardona stated that while he is back with NWA, he should not be seen as replacement to the departing Aldis.

"I didn’t come to the NWA to steal anybody’s spot," he said. "I came to create my own spot … It sucks that he’s leaving, but I know he will do great, whatever he does next. But it doesn’t really affect me personally or professionally."

Aldis said he left the promotion due to creative differences with company owner Billy Corgan, who suspended the wrestler following his criticism of the NWA’s creative direction. Corgan questioned Aldis’ motives, asking why he would "be willing to bury himself on his way out of the door? Because he’s doing something. It’s so obvious."