Nick Aldis’ destination following his departure from the National Wrestling Alliance on November 6 has been the subject of much speculation. WWE in particular has remained debated due to Aldis’ heat with Executive Director of "Raw" and "SmackDown" Bruce Prichard. However, things between the two seem to have taken a turn for the better. In an interview with WrestlingInc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman, Aldis revealed that he has buried the hatchet with Pritchard.

"I know that people bring up Bruce Prichard, and Bruce and I buried the hatchet quite some time ago," Aldis said, "I like and respect Bruce. I think that we just got off on the wrong foot a long time ago."

Issues between the two men stem back to TNA contract negotiations in 2011, where Aldis spoke directly to TNA President Dixie Carter regarding the contract he had been offered by Prichard. The talks resulted in Prichard being removed from negotiations with Aldis.

Since then, the two have traded barbs between interviews. On an episode of his "Something to Wrestle With" in 2020, Prichard remarked that Aldis lacked the "it factor" when they worked together in TNA. Aldis in turn took a shot at the then-declining ratings of "Monday Night Raw." However, Aldis says he and Prichard "mended those fences a long time ago."

"I’d like to think that if there were things in the past that had maybe prevented decision makers there from thinking, ‘Let’s take a chance on this guy,’ I would like to think that I’ve rectified all those now," he said, "I was very young […] I was too young for the spot, too young to know how to handle the media and the controversy and stuff like that. And obviously, now, it’s a very different story. I’ve been in this business for half my life."