Kit Kat bars are instantly recognizable. Typically packaged in twos and fours, the candy bar is comprised of a chocolate shell filled with crisp wafers and a chocolate filling. Whether you’re a Hershey’s fan or a Nestlé fan, Kit Kat is a candy that bridges the divide. Why is that? Because Kit Kat bars are both. The history of this candy starts in 1935 when Rowntree’s of York, England, introduced the "Chocolate Crisp" (via Hershey’s Company). The company changed the name a few years later to Kit Kat and the legend was born. While in most of the world, Nestlé handles the distribution due to their acquisition of Rowntree’s in 1988, a pre-existing 1970s agreement with Hershey’ means the Pennsylvania chocolate company has distribution in the U.S. (via The New York Times.)

There are some differences between the two companies, not least of which is that Nestlé writes the brand name "KitKat," whereas Hershey’s writes it "Kit Kat." Nestlé also uses whole milk, while Hershey’s uses non-fat milk. Additionally, the flavors offered by Nestlé are different, particularly in Japan where their Kit Kat game is truly next-level. According to The Sun, since 2000 alone, there have been 300 flavors available in Japan, including wasabi and crème brûlée.

The Hershey’s lineup isn’t quite as robust, but it does feature a wide range of flavors, from the classic milk chocolate wafer to fruity cereal. Before you break off a piece of that Kit Kat bar, check out our list of flavors, ranked.

16. Breaking Bones

What could be worse than a white Kit Kat with no discernible flavor? A holiday-themed bag of white Kit Kats with no discernible flavor! The Breaking Bones Kit Kat has a "frightful flavor" and a "creamy bone-white creme." This is all a fancy way of saying it is exactly the same as the White Creme Kit Kat. When tasted next to each other, the two are completely identical in flavor. They are sweet and milky but not much else.

One would hope that for a holiday flavor, there would be something to give it a little boost — an extra flavor or maybe a cool shape. But even the color of the Breaking Bones Kit Kat and the White Creme Kit Kat is the same. The only difference seems to be the packaging and the names. From a type of candy that in other countries has over 300 unique flavors, this lack of originality is very disappointing and lands it on the last spot on our list.

15. White Crème

White chocolate is always the unloved flavor. Some people even consider it to not really be chocolate. But the truth is white chocolate can be just as much chocolate as any other bar. According to The Washington Post, white chocolate is made of the cocoa butter found in the cacao bean. While a chocolate bar will contain both cocoa nibs (the dark flavorful part of chocolate) and cocoa butter, white chocolate is just the cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter is fatty and creamy, which gives the bars a rich, decadent taste. The problem, as The Washington Post points out, comes with the fact that many chocolate companies cut the cocoa butter with other cheaper fats and a lot of sugar; this is the case with the White Crème Kit Kat.

The White Crème Kit Kat really just tastes like sweet oil. Because that is all it is. There is actually no cocoa butter in the candy bar. It is just vegetable oil, sugars, and milk. It is both intensely sweet and very boring. We will not be going back to this bar.

14. Witch’s Brew

Like Breaking Bones, Witch’s Brew is a fall-themed holiday flavor and uses the White Crème Kit Kat as the base. Thankfully, with the Witch’s Brew Kit Kat, some extra twists were added to discern it from its less adventurous cousin.

The first thing you will notice upon opening the Witch’s Brew Kit Kat is that it comes in a fluorescent green color. This has nothing to do with the actual flavor but does give it a festive Halloween vibe that works with the imagery of a witch and cauldron on its bag. Kit Kat describes the color as "enchanting," which we feel is a bit of an overstatement, but it certainly is eye-catching. The other big difference is that the white crème is now green and has a marshmallow flavor. It is very sweet — to the point of being cloying — but is better than the other white crème-based flavors.

13. Raspberry Creme

As a special Valentine’s Day flavor, Kit Kat offers a Raspberry Creme. It should be noted that this seasonal flavor has been offered before as a Spring Raspberry Creme Kit Kat, but wanting to spread the love, they came back with the Valentine’s Raspberry Creme Kit Kat.

This candy bar is a lovely shade of blush pink, which is clearly a holiday-appropriate color for Valentine’s Day. To make the Raspberry Creme, the wafers are covered in a raspberry creme-flavored coating. The bar itself is smooth and creamy, and the raspberry flavor helps cut the sweetness of the white creme that covers the Breaking Bones and White Creme Kit Kat bars. The one downside is that since this variety has only fruit flavors, it doesn’t taste like a chocolate bar. It is a good treat and something different, but if you want chocolate, this is not the way to go.

12. Gingerbread Cookie

Sugar, spice, and everything nice is what the Ginger Bread Kit Kat’s made from. Okay, not entirely. It is a blend of artificial and natural flavors, but they work really well together. This Kit Kat bar has a wafer base that is covered in gingerbread cookie-flavored white creme coating, which gives it a pale beige appearance. Unlike flavors such as key lime — where the tang works to cut the sweetness — the gingerbread cookie gives into the sweetness and adds to it. Seriously, this Kit Kat is very sweet. The first ingredient on the list is sugar. But while for the White Creme Kit Kat the sweetness was the only flavor, the Gingerbread Cookie variety offers more. It is lightly spicy, which creates a pleasant holiday flavor. While this cookie may not be everyone’s choice, if you enjoy Kit Kats and gingerbread, this will likely please you.

11. Mint and Dark Chocolate

There are a lot of candies that bring together mint and chocolate, such as York Peppermint Patties, Thin Mints, and Junior Mints, to name a few. Now, Kit Kat wants in on this cool and sweet action. Enter the Mint and Dark Chocolate Kit Kat. This candy bar is part of the company’s Duos line, which is meant to mold two flavors together. This Kit Kat offers wafers filled with chocolate; half of it is dipped in dark chocolate and the other half is dipped in a mint creme. The bright green color of the top can be a bit off-putting at first glance but the flavors work.

This version of the Kit Kat most closely resembles a Thin Mint, with a cooling minty flavor and rich dark chocolate complimenting each other. While it is hard to outperform the most popular Girl Scout cookie, since Thin Mints are only available seasonally, we think the mint and dark chocolate Kit Kat provides a good fix. This candy bar is crunchy and rich, landing it in the top half of our ranking.

10. Lemon Crisp

Let’s not beat around the bush. Kit Kat has two citrus-flavored choices, and one is clearly better than the other. That being said, the Lemon Crisp Kit Kat, while not the better of the two citrus flavors, is actually really very good. It is all too easy for lemon-flavored candies to fall into the dreaded Pledge flavor profile, and thankfully this Kit Kat avoids that pitfall. Instead, the Lemon Crisp candy bar offers a lovely lemon flavor that is both fresh and light while giving just a bit of a tang. The crisp wafers provide contrast and add a lovely crunch to balance the lemon creme coating on the outside. These confections are perfectly balanced and make a fantastic spring treat.

This flavor of Kit Kat is seasonal, so if you want them year-round you better stock up when you see them on the shelves. As one reviewer mentioned, they bought 10 bags and are still rationing them out because they are so irresistible.

9. Key Lime Pie

Kit Kat seems to have taken inspiration from classic desserts and created the Key Lime Pie Kit Kat. This is not the only pie-flavored Kit Kat offered and, like the other pie flavors, the thing that really brings this candy bar together is the crunchy wafer filling. In fact, that wafer filling brings an important crunchy aspect to it that makes the bar actually feel like a pie. That is not to say, though, that the key lime part itself isn’t delicious. It is.

The limited edition bar is covered in a key lime-flavored white creme, which the company describes as "sweet and tangy." That zesty lime flavor helps to cut the cloying sweetness found in the white creme Kit Kat bars. The whole thing comes together beautifully as a nice treat.

The reviews on the website also support this being a popular choice. One commenter said it was their second favorite bar, and others felt it was the absolute best. There were multiple calls to make this a regular flavor. Let’s hope that Kit Kat reads the comments and solidifies this flavor as a part of their normal lineup.

8. Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry Muffin Kit Kat bar

We aren’t sure what sorcery Hershey’s is using and why they aren’t using it for their Halloween candy cars, but the Blueberry Muffin Kit Kat tastes exactly like its namesake. In fact, it is almost disconcerting. The limited edition Kit Kat starts with the crunchy wafer center and is coated in a blueberry muffin-flavored cream. They are so reminiscent of blueberry muffins we almost want to eat them for breakfast and would not judge anyone who did.

As one commenter on Hershey’s website mentioned, they would not be shocked to see this turn into a breakfast bar. The company says, though, that these Kit Kat bars are for "morning, noon, and night." If ever there is a hankering for a blueberry muffin, this Kit Kat can fill it.

The only downside is that they are so blueberry and muffin heavy that if you actually want a candy bar, these may not hit the spot. They are delicious but say more "breakfast" than "break me off a piece." Still, we would not turn them down if they were offered to us.

7. Fruity Cereal

Fruity Cereal Kit Kat Bar

Breakfast cereals have become sweeter and gotten closer to being candy bars, so it’s no surprise that a candy bar has turned the tide and is taking on the flavor profile of breakfast cereal. Kit Kat has premiered a limited edition Fruity Cereal Candy Bar, and it is definitely…something. The bar features crisp wafers that are covered in a light pink fruity cereal-flavored creme. The company does not specify which cereal it is trying to emulate in this bar and instead sticks with a more generic fruit flavor. The bar is additionally speckled with colors to give it even more of an appearance of a bowl of cereal. As the brand puts it, no need for milk or dirtying bowls when you want the taste of fruity cereal; now, you can just grab a candy bar.

The fruity breakfast cereal flavor profile in this candy car is unique and colorful. While not containing any specific fruits, it is incredibly reminiscent of popular breakfast cereals like Fruity Pebbles without being too overwhelming. With this flavor, it feels as though the company has finally reached for some of the unique choices found in other countries and nailed it. We hope this one becomes a part of the regular lineup.

6. Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie Kit Kat Bar

What self-respecting company doesn’t come out with something pumpkin-flavored in the fall? We all knew Hershey’s would not be able to resist the temptation of pumpkin. We didn’t have incredibly high hopes for this one, as pumpkin and pumpkin spice-flavored items tend to be overdone, but we were pleasantly surprised by it.

The bag claims that the Pumpkin Pie Kit Kat has both natural and artificial flavors, but it is worth noting that no specific things like pumpkin or cinnamon are listed on the ingredient list. That being said, this candy bar is covered in bright orange pumpkin pie-flavored creme and does taste similar to an actual pumpkin pie. While we don’t know exactly what flavors they used to create the pumpkin pie creme shell, they did a decent job. But what drives it home are the wafers. This flavor alone in any other candy bar likely would not have worked. But the crunchy wafers inside the Kit Kat act as a sort of pie shell, giving both a flavor and textural pallet of pumpkin pie. This version of the candy bar is seasonal and one of the tastiest of the brand’s fall flavors.

5. Chocolate Hazelnut Thins

Chocolate Hazelnut Thins Kit Kat bag

Hopping on the chocolate hazelnut train, Kit Kat has come out with Chocolate Hazelnut Thins. Unlike the traditional Kit Kat, which has three layers of crispy wafers, the thin line only has two. Additionally, instead of being packaged in bricks of two or four to be snapped off in sticks, the thins are individually packaged in small pieces that snap in half. While it is a break away from the classic Kit Kat mold, the chocolate hazelnut flavor is pretty good. The hazelnut provides a dreamy flavor profile to the bar without overdoing it. These are reminiscent of the classic flavor but are distinctly their own.

There are only a few complaints about this variety of Kit Kat. One reviewer noted that the Kit Kat flavor overpowered the hazelnut. Additionally, while the Thins are good for a quick bite, there are so few and they are so small that you end up needing to open and eat multiple packages. Since they are individually wrapped, this seems to defeat the purpose of having them breakable.

4. Strawberry and Dark Chocolate

Strawberry Dark Chocolate Kit Kat Bar

Name a more classic pair than strawberry and chocolate. We will wait. With all the flavors Kit Kat has come out with, it was only a matter of time before they put this pair together with some wafers to make sweet harmony.

As the brand puts it, the Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Kit Kat is the "most decadent Duos yet." The candy bar has three crisp biscuits that are filled with strawberry creme. Half of the wafer is then coated in strawberry creme and the other half is coated in dark chocolate. The dark chocolate was a wise move on Kit Kat’s part because it prevents the candy from being overpowered by the sweetness of the strawberry creme coating.

This chocolate bar does what the name implies: It tastes like chocolate and strawberry. If we have one complaint, though, it is that the strawberry flavor tastes like strawberry flavoring, and not necessarily a real strawberry. The color — a vibrant bright pink — really drives home the artificial feel of it as well. Overall, the two flavors show through and provide a pleasant melding, which lands it in our top five.

3. Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate Kit Kat

The classic, the original, the flavor that started it all — the milk chocolate Kit Kat Bar. This candy bar is made of creamy milk chocolate, has three layers of crisp shell, and features a milk chocolate filling between each layer. According to Today, the chocolate filling is made of ground-up Kit Kats, at least in the UK. Of course, this begs the question: which came first, the filling or the Kit Kat?

Either way, the milk chocolate Kit Kat is the bar that paved the way to the candy’s success. According to a survey by Mashed, the Kit Kat is consumers’ favorite candy bar. This is of no surprise as the original is wonderfully sweet and crunchy. It is everything you could want from a candy bar.

Sometimes simplicity is best, and when it comes to Kit Kat, this is the case. There are only two bars we like better than this one, and it was a very close call.

2. Mocha and Chocolate

Who needs a trip to Starbucks for an afternoon pick-me-up when you can just grab a Mocha and Chocolate Kit Kat from the brand’s Duos line? This brand went all-in on the theme for this bar. It starts with the traditional wafers, which are then half-coated in chocolate and half-coated in a mocha crème that has little coffee bits mixed into it. It is unclear if the filling is the standard chocolate type or if it has additional coffee in it, but in a way, it doesn’t matter; the coffee here isn’t just an aftertaste. Instead, the flavors meld together in beautiful harmony. Whereas chocolate-covered espresso beans can sometimes offer too much bitter coffee flavor, the Mocha and Chocolate Kit Kat is sweet and silky.

The public raves about this particular candy bar with reviewers noting that it tastes exactly like a mocha from a coffee shop. Another happy customer commented that this version is "not too sweet" and has a "perfect taste." The excellent flavor combination landed this candy bar near the very top of our list.

1. Dark Chocolate

Two dark chocolate Kit Kats

As we said with the milk chocolate bar, sometimes simplicity is best, and nothing showcases this more than the Dark Chocolate Kit Kat. This chocolate bar takes the original format of the Kit Kat and gives it a dark and delicious twist. Instead of traditional milk chocolate, this candy is coated and filled with dark chocolate. The dark chocolate gives it a richer and deeper flavor. Because it has a slightly lower sugar content, the dark chocolate also cuts into the somewhat excessive sweetness found in the milk chocolate version. But don’t worry, even though it is lower in sugar, it is no less a treat.

On the contrary, all of this leads to a better, more luxurious flavor, and we aren’t the only ones who think so. The bar currently holds a 4.8 rating on the company’s website, with some commenters mentioning that they don’t usually enjoy Kit Kats, but this one is delicious. If this candy bar can turn Kit Kat skeptics into believers, then it earns the title of best Kit Kat flavor.