There are new details about a recent incident at a WWE live event where a fan threw a drink at Karrion Kross’ manager Scarlett during a match. Scarlett noted the incident on social media after it occurred and multiple fans tweeted about it afterwards as well. Photos tweeted out by other fans after the incident also showed staff at the venue cleaning up the mess at ringside.

According to a new report from PWInsider, Scarlett was hit by a cup of alcohol thrown by a fan shortly after she slapped Drew McIntyre during a match with Kross. The report states that after the slap, Scarlett then "played to the crowd when a woman seated in the third row threw an entire plastic cup of an alcoholic drink at Scarlett, splashing her." PWInsider reports that WWE security ran over to the woman who threw the drink and ejected her and her family from the show. One fan who was near Scarlett at ringside told PWInsider: "I could hear her saying she was OK and then she went right back into her work." No kind of physical interaction between the perpetrator and Scarlett reportedly occurred.

Scarlett played off the incident on Twitter following the show, tweeting out a response to the woman who threw the drink: "As a classy woman from Chicago, I’m not surprised that something like this would happen in Peoria," Scarlett tweeted. "PS. To the granny who threw the drink, your booze was as cheap as your hairdo." Kross ultimately lost the match with McIntyre, echoing the result of their match at Crown Jewel.