The recent falling out between Nick Aldis and the National Wrestling Alliance was due to the former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion growing frustrated by the company’s creative direction. Aldis — who was the face of the NWA over the past five years — voicing his displeasure with the NWA has been the biggest story regarding the promotion in recent weeks, although it has been stated numerous times by both Aldis and NWA owner Billy Corgan that it is not a worked angle.

In an interview with "Notsam Wrestling’s" Sam Roberts, Aldis goes into detail about why he finds the current NWA product embarrassing, saying he believes legendary former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Harley Race would be disappointed in what Corgan is producing.

"Enough of [the NWA product] did not pass the Harley Race test," Aldis said.

Aldis pointed to angles and characters that he believes have negatively affected the NWA recently, saying, "I started looking at stuff like Gags The Gimp, a social-distancing match where the two wrestlers can’t touch each other … and I said, ‘How would I have justified this to Harley Race if Harley Race had been here today?’"

Aldis continued, citing this disconnect between himself and the current product as why he plans to leave the company. "I didn’t want to be in a position where I go, ‘Oh that’s not me,’ because if I’m in, I’m in," Aldis explained. "I was very invested in building this thing. … I felt betrayed."

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