stranger things 5

The fourth season of Stranger Things was, much like its predecessors, another massive success for Netflix. Sadly, given the massive scope of the beloved series, it looks like it’ll be another long wait before the fifth and final season hits Netflix. In fact, it appears that Stranger Things Season 5 won’t be released on Netflix until 2024 at the earliest.

As shared by Twitter user @CultureCrave, via @colliderfrosty, they noted that the year 2024 seems like it’ll be the earliest we’ll have Stranger Things return. Of course, given that the series won’t begin shooting until 2023, this sadly makes too much sense.

Stranger Things is an enormous show and not only do they need time to film it, but they need time to work on the special effects as well. With this fifth season being the biggest yet – 2024 at the earliest seems like a best case scenario.

Here’s the tweet:

‘Stranger Things 5’ won’t release until 2024 at the earliest

— Culture Crave 🍿 (@CultureCrave) November 14, 2022

On the bright side, with the season set to begin production in 2023, we should have plenty of exciting news in the near future. Of course, the Stranger Things team is notorious for their secrets, so it’ll be interesting to see just how much news we’ll get. Rest assured, with the way the fourth season ended, and this season set to conclude the storyline, it’ll be quite the odyssey. Fans will just have to wait at least until 2024 to get to see it.

The first four seasons of Stranger Things are currently available to view on Netflix. Although the fifth season is set to be the final season of the hit show, there is a spin-off series in the works. With that in mind, fans can stay tuned to ScreenGeek for updates on all of these upcoming projects as we have them. It’s definitely going to be a worthwhile time as a Stranger Things fan in the coming years.