Over the years, WWE star Kane has had a number of memorable rivalries, from his early feud with his "brother" the Undertaker to the partnership and subsequent falling out between the "Big Red Machine" and Daniel Bryan. However, one particular rivalry stands out from the rest — Kane vs. controversial Major League Baseball legend Pete Rose.

The history between these two figures dates back to WrestleMania XIV in 1998. Kane was scheduled to take on the Undertaker in the match just prior to the main event, with Rose brought in to be guest announcer for the bout. Though this might seem random at first, Rose was an integral part of the MLB’s Cincinnati Reds during the period they were known as the "Big Red Machine," the same nickname that Kane would later adopt. Despite the shared moniker, or perhaps because of it, it became clear right away that Rose and Kane weren’t on the same page.

Rose entered the arena in Boston, Massachusetts, and immediately began running down the accomplishments of the Boston Red Sox, turning the crowd against him right away. Before Rose had a chance to announce Kane to the ring, the big man’s entrance kicked off and he began making his way down alongside manager Paul Bearer. To Rose’s astonishment, Kane entered the ring and hit the man known as "Charlie Hustle" with a devastating tombstone, to the raucous approval of the Boston crowd.

The Rivalry Continues

This, however, would not be the end of the antics between the two men. One year later, at WrestleMania XV in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Rose attempted to get some revenge on Kane. Rose, disguised as the famous San Diego Chicken mascot, attacked Kane during the wrestler’s entrance as he prepared to face off against Triple H. This attempt at revenge didn’t quite go Rose’s way, as he was unmasked, tossed into the ring, and demolished by another tombstone from Kane.

Yet another year later, at WrestleMania 2000, Rose again tried to get one up on Kane, who was teaming up with Rikishi to take on X-Pac and Road Dogg of D-Generation X. This year, Rose at least attempted to be smarter with his revenge — he waited until after Kane’s match to make a move, and had the actual San Diego Chicken show up as a distraction. While Kane was distracted by the Chicken, Rose attempted to sneak up behind Kane and attack him with a baseball bat. He was, however, stopped by Rikishi, and from there, Rose was given a chokeslam by Kane followed by a stinkface from Rikishi.

Rose would show up a few more times in the WWE following his WrestleMania appearances, and would even be inducted into the celebrity wing of the company’s Hall of Fame. It is safe to say, however, that his three consecutive WrestleMania moments involving Kane remain the highlight of his work with the WWE.