Can you imagine what it would be like to work with one of your heroes? Likely surreal in ways, but also gratifying to know that you’ve reached a level of mastery where you can perform with someone you idolize. That’s what happened to Adam Copeland, or as the WWE Universe better knows him, Edge. Early in his childhood, Edge discovered pro wrestling and got attached to the colorful, larger-than-life characters, like Hulk Hogan.

Thanks to his single mother’s tireless work at two different jobs, Edge was able to attend WrestleMania 6 and witness the battle between The Ultimate Warrior and Hogan for the Intercontinental and WWE Championships. Though Hogan was unsuccessful in the bout, Edge noted that the moment was crucial in his decision to pursue pro wrestling for the remainder of his days, which he revealed on Kurt Angle’s podcast.

Fast forward to July 4, 2002 – it’s Independence Day and an exciting night of in-ring action is ahead for an episode of "WWE SmackDown." This would become an evening that the young, determined Edge would likely have never thought possible, as he was to challenge for the WWE Tag Team titles with his hero, Hulk Hogan.

What added to the occasion was that this was Edge’s first match in over a month due to an arm injury, and in Hogan’s case, it was the first time he dropped the "Hollywood" Hogan music and went back to his "Real American" entrance theme.