Being a part of the Royal family comes with a lot of perks — from the highest quality food to world-class chefs. It’s no wonder that Prince George has developed into a bit of a foodie. The young royal has been encouraged by his mother, Kate Middleton, to explore and expand his palate. She recognizes the importance of food as integral to physical and mental health and is passing this passion along to her kids. Under her tutelage, George and his siblings have gotten quite fond of spending time in the kitchen.

The kids not only love to cook, but they also cook for their mother. Cheesy pasta is a favorite as the kids coordinate who does the whisking while the other adds the ingredients. The children also enjoy making salads. But their favorite, per Hello Magazine, is making pizza dough. Middleton notes that it’s mostly because they like to get their hands messy, but who can blame them? They generally maintain a very strict set of rules so playing with food is a great change of pace.

Prince George has lots of rules and etiquette to follow

Etiquette is a fundamental aspect of maintaining the royal image. Prince George may be a child, but he is no less subject to upholding very strict rules and standards of behavior. While many of these rules were enacted by her late majesty Queen Elizabeth, there is no reason to believe that they are likely to change all that much under King Charles. According to the Daily Star, Prince George and his siblings never dine at the same table as the adults, even during holiday meals. The children have their own table in a different room and they only join the monarch toward the end of the meal. The Nottinghamshire Live adds that mobile devices are strictly prohibited at the dinner table, reinforcing the formal setting of mealtime.

Additional rules for dining that affect grown-ups and children alike include using the appropriate silverware correctly, dressing formally for meals, neatly folding the napkin in one’s lap, holding a teacup properly, and following the lead of the monarch when they signal that they are finished eating the meal, per Marie Claire. And if it is the first time during the day that children over the age of five are encountering the sovereign, the boys must bow and the girls must curtsy (via Parade).

Prince George eats cereal for breakfast

Prince George and his siblings certainly have the crème de la crème of food options that can be prepared for them at every meal by the gourmet chefs at their disposal. Yet — according to Hello! magazine — their breakfast menu tends to be quite simple. When questioned about this at a speaking engagement at the London Early Years Foundation Stockwell Gardens Nursery and Pre-school in London in 2020, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton announced that her children love to eat apples and cereal for breakfast. This healthy and affordable revelation led to a discussion with the group regarding some of the other fruits and vegetables her children enjoy eating. Per My London — while carrots and beans are popular all around — Louis in particular loves beetroot, while Charlotte is fond of olives. It seems all three children are growing up to be hearty and adventurous eaters.

Spaghetti carbonara is Prince George’s favorite meal

The taste buds of children are not generally overly sophisticated. That being said, pasta is often atop the list of things most kids will eat, albeit in very simple preparations. Not so for tiny foodie Prince George. According to celebrity chef — and ambassador for the youth homeless charity Centrepoint — Aldo Zilli, Prince George’s favorite meal is spaghetti carbonara. Spaghetti carbonara is a classic dish where the spaghetti noodles are delicately coated with a combination of bacon, eggs, and parmesan cheese. The dish requires some finesse, as the heat of the noodles cooks the eggs without scrambling them. This creates a luxurious meal fit for a future king.

Ironically, Prince George’s favorite food happens to be among the list of foods banned by the late monarch Queen Elizabeth. Pasta — along with other complex carbohydrates — was considered to be "too starchy," and therefore unfit for a healthy diet. However, former royal chef Darren McGrady notes that occasionally the queen would make exceptions to this rule in spite of her strict diet. Even royal great-grandmothers like to dote on their great-grandchildren sometimes.

Prince George goes meatless every Friday

According to Live Kindly, Prince George and his siblings ate a meatless menu every Friday while attending Thomas’s Battersea private school in London. The school — along with numerous others throughout the United Kingdom — have begun incorporating more meatless options in response to increasing concern about the environment. Going meatless also enables schools to accommodate dietary restrictions for students of all faiths more seamlessly.

This initiative isn’t just restricted to Prince George and his school. Indeed, members of the Royal family have enthusiastically advocated for various programs aimed at addressing the climate crisis. Prince William — the Duke of Cambridge and father to Prince George — has developed the Earthshot Prize, which seeks to develop 50 actionable resolutions to combat the climate crisis by 2030, per Live Kindly.

King Charles himself is also on the meatless menu bandwagon, as noted by Express. In a speech given by the monarch in Prince George’s Wood — named after his first grandchild — King Charles stated that he himself avoids meat and fish two days of the week, and dairy one other day of the week. He believes that by reducing the amount of meat consumed and opting for sustainably raised products, humans can reduce their carbon footprint, positively impacting the climate crisis.

Prince George and the royal family have a lot of food restrictions

The Royal family has no shortage of obligations built into their daily lives, with many involving food and diet. Women’s Health outlines the myriad of habits that have become central to life as a noble, including getting plenty of exercise, eating organic, following a low-carb diet, not smoking, curbing drinking, taking supplements, and eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

There are also certain food rules and restrictions that have long been established and upheld by all members of the family — including the youngest royals like Prince George. Some of these seem to have evolved out of concern for food safety, like not eating shellfish or rare meat, and not drinking tap water; other restrictions appear to be more of a matter of decorum and appearances. Eating garlic, tomato sauce, or sandwiches with crusts might be messy or otherwise offensive in terms of interacting with dignitaries from around the world. And some seem to be related to a concern for the environment or animal welfare, including the ban on Foie gras, not wasting food, and only eating seasonal fruit.

Whatever the reason for these food rules, they have been the source of great fascination. As noted by Food & Wine, foods that are a part of the approved list for consumption by the Royal family are donned with a Royal Warrant. These include items like Cadbury chocolate, Quaker Oats, Bacardi Martini, and Nestle UK.

Prince George enjoys the classics for lunch and dinner

The Royal progeny aren’t all sophistication where food is concerned, even for burgeoning foodie Prince George. Food Network Canada reports that the children rely on some decidedly normal foods for their lunches and dinners at home. In addition to pizza and pasta, the family often eats Shepherd’s Pie — something that Prince Harry and William became enamored with as children. Kate Middleton also notes that her favorite takeout dish used to be curry, but that ordering takeout is no longer viable due to security reasons.

This doesn’t mean that they go without, however, as the family enjoys cooking this delicacy together. Their curry presumably takes advantage of the fresh vegetables that the family is so fond of, including greens. Middleton adds that the spice level of their curry has to be adjusted, as she and Charlotte like it spicy, while William and Prince George like it mild.

Prince George also appears to have a sweet tooth and has been seen enjoying candy canes, cake, and ice cream (via People).

Prince George snacks on brownies

It seems that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree where the Royal family is concerned. Per Marie Claire UK, Prince George has inherited his dad’s sweet tooth and likes to enjoy a treat after a long day of studying at school. He and his siblings — along with mom Kate Middleton — have been known to take a detour to Gail’s Bakery on their way home from classes at Thomas’s Battersea private school. The bakery specializes in sourcing its ingredients from local farms and all of the delectable baked goods are handmade throughout the day. The menus are seasonal, varying from location to location.

Based on Prince George’s discriminating palate, it’s not surprising that he is fond of the Chocolate Brownie Finger, a rectangular-shaped fudgy brownie. Unfortunately, the kids are beginning classes at a new school in Berkshire called Lambrook School and there isn’t a Gail’s location nearby. They’ll have to find a new place to satisfy that sweet tooth moving forward.

Prince George dines of five-star school lunches

Prince George isn’t suffering through tasteless school lunches either, as the menu at Thomas’s Battersea private school is something you’d expect at a five-star hotel, not a school. The prep school has a catering manager tasked with providing menus that are healthy, seasonal, diverse, and delicious. Offerings include vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free menu items to accommodate children from all different ethnicities and religious backgrounds. There is also a salad bar featuring fresh vegetables available daily to encourage children to consume more nutritious foods. Don’t despair, however, as they aren’t skimping on the dessert offerings — which range from fruit milkshakes to custard tarts.

According to Marie Claire UK, the children will begin attending Lambrook, a posh prep school that boasts a number of perks ranging from a top-notch academic syllabus to a wide spectrum of extra-curricular activities. Their website does not, however, indicate quite as strong a focus on their culinary offerings. It remains to be seen what Prince George will be dining on moving forward, but we are sure he will be well-fed.