After Braun Strowman defeated "The Nigerian Giant" Omos at WWE Crown Jewel, he decided to wade into the social media waters and caught some flack for comments made about smaller wrestlers; he referred to them as "floppy floppers." Some fellow wrestlers, including Mustafa Ali and Booker T, have weighed in with their take on Strowman’s words, and now Baron Corbin has entered the chat to provide his thoughts as well.

"Yeah, I mean, I think ‘Do you,’ whatever it is, but stand behind it," Corbin said during a recent appearance on "WWE After The Bell." "If you cower and back down after, then you didn’t really mean it. You were doing it for clout, doing it for show, doing it for social media." He added, "If you’re going to go out and tweet, ‘I’m the greatest big man this business has ever seen,’ if you’re saying it, and you’re the one that’s having the title, no one else is saying it and you’re just full of crap."

Corbin explained that he has respect for guys like Rey Mysterio, who have accomplished many things in spite of their size and stature. He further stated that he’s irritated fans for ten years now and doesn’t care how they feel, because that’s his job. As for Strowman, his job is to get fans on his side. "He’s a good guy, if you will," Corbin explained. "So to go out and do that, I don’t understand it. I think you should take pride in being a big man and putting on a show like that, but the minute you have to go out and tell people how good you are and make up your own star rating, I’m out."