Barbara Corcoran recently gave a viral tour of her stunning Manhattan apartment.

Barbara Corcoran bought her dream home 26 years after dropping off a package there.

The founder of the eponymous real estate brokerage the Corcoran Group and original “Shark Tank” investor, 73, first fell in love with her Manhattan apartment in the early 1990s while working as a messenger.

“I delivered a package,” she told creator Caleb Simpson as part of his viral New York apartment series. “I saw the view out of her door right there, and I said, ‘If you ever sell this, ma’am, would you sell it to me?’”

More than two decades later, that woman gave her a ring. Corcoran paid $10 million for the unit and spent an additional $5 million renovating the four-bedroom, seven-bathroom space. Maintenance fees remain a whopping $10,000 a month. Highlights of the Upper East Side duplex include a greenhouse-turned-kitchen.

Simpson’s tour of the light-filled home included sights of sweeping views out the primary bedroom window, the curved staircase and a generous terrace — although much of it is currently covered in scaffolding.

Barbara Corcoran on ABC’s “Shark Tank.”
The kitchen was formerly a greenhouse.
The library has a fireplace.
TikTok/Caleb Simpson
A bedroom.
TikTok/Caleb Simpson
The wide open living area.
TikTok/Caleb Simpson
Simpson rated the view from Corcoran’s window as “10/10.”
TikTok/Caleb Simpson
Scaffolding is visible through the glass-paned kitchen and dining area.
TikTok/Caleb Simpson
The view from the terrace.
TikTok/Caleb Simpson
Corcoran tours Simpson through her sprawling outdoor space.
TikTok/Caleb Simpson

“The real reason I bought the apartment is because of the terrace and the view,” Corcoran told Simpson, adding that in her four years living in the penthouse she’s never had a construction-free terrace for more than a month. “It’s so sad, but I still eat here among the scaffolding,” said the mother of two, who sold her same-name brokerage for $66 million in 2001.

The video tour of Corcoran’s apartment has racked up more than 322,000 views on Instagram alone since it was posted three days ago.

Simpson’s hit social media series doesn’t always focus on such glamorous New York abodes; he’s previously toured city denizens living in a single-room-occupancy unit, a laundromat and an ambulance.

In September, Corcoran’s former Tower House apartment, also on the Upper East Side, was listed by its current owners — CNN host Laurin Sydney and her husband Mark Simon Burk — for $2.3 million, The Post reported at the time.