WWE Hall of Famer — and current Senior Vice President of Live Events for WWE – "Road Dogg" Brian James has revealed which fellow legendary Superstar he doesn’t rate as highly as others do.

"I never saw what the big deal was with Bret Hart as a performer," Dogg said while on "Oh…You Didn’t Know?" "He was a great worker, and I thought about saying good, but he was a great worker. Worked better than me ten-fold … I don’t think Bret was a great wrestler. He was a wrestler. I think I was a better sports entertainer than Bret was and I think that’s where the money is."

Hart is a very decorated professional wrestler who some believe is one of the greatest technical wrestlers to ever step into the ring, such as FTR, who study Hart to improve themselves. Throughout his career, Hart won seven major World Championships in major companies, with five coming from WWE and two by way of World Championship Wrestling. Hart has also been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame twice, an honor that very few wrestlers share. Hart’s first HOF induction came in 2006 as a singles wrestler and his second one came in 2019 as part of the Hart Foundation alongside Jim Neidhart.

James also discussed his personal feelings about Hart. "I don’t dislike Bret Hart," he continued. "I just don’t think he’s that great of a wrestler and I’m sorry if that hurts anybody’s feelings — his especially because I’m not trying to do that."