Gaming can be an expensive hobby; more so with prices of games and associated hardware rising every couple of generations. That said, gaming has also become a lot more accessible thanks to online marketplaces like Steam which offer games at discounted prices. And there’s perhaps no better kind of games that offer the most bang for your buck than open-world games. To that end, here are 13 open-world games that are damn cheap right now.

Please note that these prices are US region prices sourced from Steam, and other geographical locations would obviously have different prices.

With that out of the way, let’s begin:

Just Cause 3

just cause 3 deravilleo

Avalanche Software’s Just Cause series is a literal playground of carnage and destruction, and Just Cause 3 is no different. Set against the island of Solis, players assume the role of series protagonist Rico Rodrigues as he takes on a bunch of high-stakes missions all across the map. With notable additions like weather calamities, Just Cause 3 is a worthy sequel deserving of any fan’s attention. It’s available for $20 on Steam – complete with all DLC and bonus content.