Last night on HBO‘s Real Time with Bill Maher, the host ushered in the show’s 20th season finale with a very special guest: Matthew Perry.

The actor, who is best known as Chandler Bing from the hit sitcom Friends, has been making his talk show rounds to promote his book, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing: A Memoir,” which has sold so many copies that it’s currently beating Bono’s “Surrender” in Ireland.

Bill Maher was impressed with the book’s sales, describing Perry as “the Taylor Swift of writing.” Later on during their interview, however, he described Perry as being the Joe DiMaggio of drug abuse.

“I mean, your stats. 6,000 AA meetings, you took 55 Vicodin’s a day,” said Maher. “No one’s going to come up with these stats. No one is going to beat you on some of this stuff.”

Perry agreed, as outlined in his book, which holds nothing back about the lengths he went to obtain and use substances.

“A lot did have you in the dead pool,” Maher said, while noting that Perry looked “amazing.”

The actor was very candid about his journey, as he is throughout his book. He talked about being placed on a hospital machine that’s usually used as a Hail Mary to keep someone alive and how he went to real estate open houses and stole from people’s medicine cabinets.

How did Perry finally get clean? He teased Maher about the host’s atheism, and admitted, “I believe there is a higher power,” adding he has “a very close relationship with him.”

Maher, speaking for many, said that “Everyone is on your side. Everyone is glad you’re here.”

The host later mused about how the human body is so resilient. Maher boasted that “I feel very luck that I can do drugs.”

Perry was quick with his jokey comeback. “You don’t have any on you, do you?”

Maher closed on a more positive note, saying he believed Perry’s acting work over the next 20 years will be his finest.

Perry didn’t argue. “A couple of good friends said, ‘Your best work is to come.’”

Maher and Real Time are currently on winter break and will return on January 20.