Few topics are off limits at The View — after all, this is the show where we’ve heard the phrases “weenie pic” and “there’s a light in my vagina” — but for Joy Behar, one subject is strictly banned: her daughter. The co-host revealed on today’s episode that she’s not allowed to mention Eve Behar, whom she shares with ex-husband Joe Behar, on the daytime talk show.

During a conversation about Kathy Hilton sharing personal details about her Paris Hilton’s fertility struggles on E! News, Joy shared her policy for talking about her own daughter on TV.

“I was told early on by my daughter, ‘Leave me out of your stand-up act, don’t talk about me on The View unless it’s super, super complimentary,’” Joy said of Eve, her 51-year-old artist daughter.

Sara Haines replied, “And here we are!” before waving to the camera and encouraging Behar to do the same: “Say hi, Joy. Look into the camera.”

But Joy shot back, “She doesn’t watch. Do you think she watches?”

Haines joked, “She doesn’t watch this crap,” but Behar corrected her, telling her co-host, “I didn’t say that. I said, she doesn’t watch this show. She’s busy doing her artwork. She’s an artist.”

After sharing her daughter’s rules for privacy, Behar shared her own set of restrictions later in the same segment, when the conversation had shifted to parents sharing photos of children on social media, as Alyssa Farah Griffin‘s mom had done on her wedding day.

Behar said she doesn’t want to be included on anyone’s grid unless she’s given prior approval, telling the panel, “Nobody should post something that I haven’t given them permission for, in my opinion.”

Unfortunately for Behar, her co-hosts had already crossed the line, as Ana Navarro told her, “I post pictures of you and my dog all the time,” and Haines, guilty as well, added, “I have pictures of you on my social.”

Behar snapped at them, “Don’t!”

Enjoy the Behar Instagram content while you can — after today’s show we have a feeling we won’t be getting it much longer.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.