It’s hard to believe that it was only two months ago that MJF and The Firm had the makings of a beautiful relationship between star and stable on retainer. But even now that the two sides are at odds with each other heading into MJF’s AEW World Title match with Jon Moxley at AEW Full Gear, The Firm’s Lee Moriarty is able to look back fondly at how this whole idea came together and, more appropriately, how secretive the whole thing was.

Appearing on "Talk is Jericho," Moriarty revealed he was first approached to be in The Firm back in the summer, but that the development of the stable was largely kept under wraps, even from him, aside from being told it would present more opportunities for him and other group members involved. The idea was so hush-hush that Moriarty and the rest of the faction-to-be, sans Stokely Hathaway, only learned of MJF’s involvement after his return at All Out, when he met with them all backstage to apologize for keeping things under wraps.

"He just told us ‘Hey, sorry. I couldn’t tell anybody. But I wanted to keep it a secret,’" Moriarty said. "And we understood. No hard feelings or anything like that."

Moriarty has indeed received more opportunities since joining The Firm, including a one-on-one match with Jon Moxley on "AEW Dynamite." His next big opportunity comes tonight on "AEW Rampage," where he’ll challenge Hook for the FTW World Championship.

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