MJF has had an eventful 2022, with his win against Jon Moxley at Full Gear 2022 marking the culmination of that success for "The Devil Himself."

While it was ultimately overshadowed by the eventual CM Punk fiasco during the All Out media scrum in September, one of the biggest moments of the year for AEW was MJF’s infamous shoot promo that saw him call out Tony Khan last June. MJF was gone from the company for three months before making his long-awaited return at All Out 2022. While very little has been publicly said regarding the situation, Maxwell Jacob Friedman finally shed some light on his apparent falling out with the AEW President.

In an interview with Barstool’s "Pardon My Take", MJF was candid about why things came to a head for him and Khan that led to his brutal promo last June. "Me and [Tony Khan] had a little bit of friction," MJF admitted, "I was not getting compensated what I should’ve been compensated at one point… so I quit on the air."

MJF then explains how the segment itself came about, saying that he and Khan had very different views of what exactly his promo was going to include. "I told him the things that I was gonna say, and then I said a lot more than I told him I was gonna say!" Friedman joked.

MJF went on to say that he and WWE’s Roman Reigns were the two biggest stars in pro wrestling, and he should get paid the amount that his level of stardom entails. "My boss was not paying me the right amount of money, and now… [I’m] raking in the dough." MJF admits.