In some ways, it must feel like Nick Aldis is living his life on rewind at the moment. The former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion has done numerous interviews the past few weeks, and for the most part has been talking about his acrimonious departure from the NWA and the fallout that has occurred from it. So it must’ve been nice for Aldis when he was asked to talk about something else, such as the WWE Hall of Fame prospects for his wife, women’s wrestling legend Mickie James.

During an interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Aldis took fan questions regarding numerous topics, including one that asked who should induct James into the WWE Hall of Fame when the time comes. Aldis’ answer should come as a surprise to no one.

"I would like to think she would have a say in it, but it’s hard to imagine anyone before Trish doing it," Aldis said, referring, of course, to WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus.

James has had a storied career with runs in WWE, TNA/Impact Wrestling, and even the NWA, where she was instrumental in putting together the all-women’s EmPowerrr event last year. Her most famous rivalry undoubtedly is the one she had with Stratus,which began shortly after James debuted for WWE in 2005.

Initially working together as a team, James turned on Stratus after the latter spurned James’ advances, leading to a WrestleMania match in 2006 in which James defeated Stratus for the WWE Women’s Championship. James would also go on to defeat Stratus in subsequent rematches, ultimately winning the feud. To this day, the WrestleMania match between Stratus and James is considered one of the best women’s matches at WrestleMania and viewed as a high water mark for women’s wrestling in that era.

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