The Bunny was excited to see Liv Morgan on Chucky.

Morgan made her acting debut in the second season of "Chucky," where she was slaughtered by the titular homicidal doll. The Bunny, real name Laura Dennis, a "Chucky" fanatic herself, went on "The Grue Rume Show" and described her reaction to seeing Morgan on the slasher series.

"That was so cool. I don’t know her personally but I was full-on cheering her on," Dennis said. "I can imagine that was probably a huge deal for her and like man that is so cool."

It’s no secret that Dennis loves the horror genre. She’s often shared on Instagram and YouTube her memorabilia and clothing from iconic slasher films such as "Nightmare On Elm Street" and "Friday The 13th." She revealed that "The Bunny" persona drew inspiration from "House of 1000 Corpses" and "The Devil’s Rejects."

Dennis has also dipped her toes into acting. She appeared in films such as "Beat Down" and "Givers of Death." Her most recent role was in the latest installment in the "Puppet Master" franchise, "Puppet Master: Doktor Death," where she starred alongside her husband, The Blade (real-life Jesse Guilmette). That’s not all. She confirmed that she will star in an upcoming Lifetime horror film, "Bad Tenant," which is currently in production in Florida.

Dennis was originally supposed to make her return to "AEW Dynamite" on November 16, but was struck down with an illness that led to Anna Jay replacing Dennis in an AEW Women’s World Championship Eliminator Match against then-champion Toni Storm.