Brandi Rhodes has not stepped inside a wrestling ring as a competitor since January 31, 2022, on an episode of "Dark: Elevation." While her husband Cody Rhodes leaped back to WWE at WrestleMania, Brandi did not join him under contract. When she was employed by the company in years past, she worked as a ring announcer under the name Eden Stiles; her only ever match under the WWE umbrella came during a 2011 FCW show — a battle royal. However, now that she has a substantial in-ring resume from her time in AEW, that could change, especially as she’s been able to mess around at the Performance Center in recent months. While appearing on "Ten Count," Rhodes gave an update regarding a possible in-ring return.

"I’m the one that’s very big in the family on not saying absolutes," Rhodes said. "I will say right now it’s not in my plan. I kind of did myself a good service, I think, in taking a beat. My number one priority when everything happened and you know, we left AEW," she continued, "my number one priority in all of that was making sure that my husband’s dream was realized … I do have some cooking in the non-wrestling world."

Rhodes also gave some insight into whether or not she has had any discussions with Triple H since Cody returned to WWE or with Tony Khan since departing AEW about wrestling again. "I won’t say, ‘No, it’s not going to happen,’" Rhodes said. "I will say that right now, it’s not front of mind for me … I have not spoken to Tony since my exit and actually, I have not spoken to [Triple H]. I’ve spoken to Stephanie, I spoke to Vince back at that point in time."

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