This past Saturday, the Elite made their AEW return at the Full Gear pay-per-view to the sound of Kansas’ "Carry on Wayward Son", which had the Prudential Center crowd singing the classic tune. But while Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks’ chance to win back the AEW World Trios Titles ended up nothing more than dust in the wind, their use of the famous Kansas track won’t be ending any time soon.

On Monday’s "Wrestling Observer Live," Bryan Alvarez, quoting notes given to him by Dave Meltzer, shed light on The Elite’s use of the song.

"’Wayward Son’ will be the trios’ entrance music," Alvarez said. "It won’t be used in regular tag or singles matches. The Young Bucks wanted the song for a long time. They and their father were big fans of the songs."

The last point was stressed in regard to rumors that The Elite used the song as a sort of shot at CM Punk. He and The Elite were involved in a backstage fight following the All Out pay-per-view in September that resulted in everyone being pulled from AEW programming. Alvarez, noting Meltzer’s notes, however, stated that the idea preceded the Punk incident. The Bucks used the song years ago while they were running their backyard federation. Also, The Elite teased using the song years ago, on an episode of "Being the Elite."

Fans can look forward to hearing "Carry on Wayward Son" at least three more times in the near distant future, and possibly many more times, as the Bucks and Omega are scheduled to face Death Triangle in the continuation of a best-of-seven series for the AEW Trios Titles. The second match will take place this Wednesday on "Dynamite", oddly enough taking place in Punk’s hometown of Chicago, Illinois.