NES two controllers

If you’re talking about consoles with games you can really sink your teeth into, the original Nintendo Entertainment System probably isn’t the first hardware that would pop into your head. Although its library is packed with hidden gems, the NES is fairly primitive by modern standards of gaming, both in terms of graphical fidelity and performance, and it lacks much of the functionality that players of current-generation systems take for granted nowadays. Notably, the ability to save your game is not a given among its library. In fact, many NES games have no save functionality at all, giving players no way to continue a game across multiple play sessions.

However, while many of the most well-known NES games were designed as brief, replayable romps — such as "Super Mario Bros." and "Mega Man 2" — there are still plenty of games with extended runtimes on the system. More than a few landmark JRPG franchises got their start here, including "Final Fantasy" and "Dragon Quest," and these games offer up meaty experiences that can take players dozens of hours just to finish once. But while the NES game that actually takes the longest to beat is, indeed, a JRPG, it’s also not one of the usual suspects that players might anticipate.