Following the release of Netflix‘s bombshell docuseries Harry & Meghan, the BBC journalist who interviewed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex following the announcement of their engagement has responded to Meghan Markle‘s accusation that the interview was an “orchestrated reality show.”

While speaking on BBC 4’s Today, Mishal Husain said, “We know recollections may vary on this particular subject, but my recollection is definitely very much: asked to do an interview and do said interview,” per Deadline.

The comment came after Meghan presented her own recollection of the 2017 interview in the third episode of their new docuseries, where the couple retells their story and delves into their decision to step away as working royals.

“It was, you know, rehearsed,” she said. “So we did the thing out with the press and then we went right inside, took the coat off, sat down and did the interview. So it was all in that same moment.”

She continued, “Yeah, but also like, ‘Then there’ll be a moment where they’ll want to see the ring, so show the ring,’” before later pointing out, “We weren’t allowed to tell our story because they didn’t want [it].”

Meanwhile, Prince Harry chimed in to say, “We’ve never been allowed to tell our story,” adding that that was “the consistency.”

The highly anticipated docuseries, which is sure to cause a stir within the royal family, comes after months of speculation. It was rumored that it would be pushed until early 2023 due to the backlash from another royal Netflix title — The Crownand its depiction of certain situations within the monarchy. However, the streaming platform surprised viewers earlier this month with a teaser and a release date that came much sooner than was reported.

The first three episodes of Harry & Meghan are currently streaming on Netflix. You can watch the final batch of episodes when they release on Dec. 15.