As the saying goes, the only things guaranteed in life are death and taxes. Beyond that, nothing is built to last, and that includes some of our most beloved food and beverage items at our local restaurants, grocery stores, and fast food chains. While we wish we could bottle up our favorite foods and keep them with us forever, eventually all good things must come to an end. 2022 was no exception, and we had to face the music and bid adieu to several beloved items whether we were ready or not.

From nostalgic ice cream treats to breakfast sandwiches and everything in between, companies pull menu items on a regular basis when it is not selling well, or to simplify menu offerings. While some things can come and go without creating a buzz, other changes create viral media moments that stop everyone in their tracks. Petitions emerge online and fans take to social media to voice their disappointment in companies discontinuing a favorite cookie, sandwich, or beverage. And while some consumers are very clear about what discontinued items they wish would return, in the end, some foods are now simply a thing of the past. Let’s look back at 2022 and revisit several food and beverage items that are now discontinued.

1. Choco Taco

One of the more earth-shattering food news coming out of 2022 was the solemn farewell to the dessert everyone suddenly claimed was their favorite — the Choco Taco. Whether your freezer always had them in supply or you ate only one many summers ago, fans were stunned to hear about the news that Choco Tacos were vanishing off store shelves for good. At the time the news broke, a dip in demand over time was to blame, though you certainly could be led to believe demand was as high as ever given the backlash.

The viral reaction from fans and ice cream enthusiasts alike caught the attention of parent company Klondike, which admitted that a resurrection for the Choco Taco was not off the table. Do not expect the dessert to return anytime soon, however, as Klondike said it would potentially take years for those store shelves to be restocked, per USA Today. In the meantime, try this Choco Taco copycat recipe to recapture the nostalgia that only this dessert can bring.

2. McDonald’s McRib Sandwich (again)

The McRib Sandwich first appeared on McDonald’s menus in the United States in the early 1980s and has been a recurring limited-time offering ever since. The on-again-off-again sandwich was also a polarizing one, with McDonald’s fans split on the McRib from the beginning. Reddit reactions vary from "disgusting" to "I love the McRib." Still, we can all agree that when McDonald’s decides to bring it back, it is going to be talked about.

That brings us to 2022 when McDonald’s announced that the McRib would once again appear on menus. This time, however, it was being marketed as a farewell tour, implying that this could be the last opportunity to order the sandwich. McDonald’s probably needs to try harder to convince its diehard fans, because this is not the first time the fast food chain has claimed the McRib was going away for good. Whether we ever see the McRib return once again is yet to be seen, but if history is any indicator, we would not be surprised if several years down the road the McRib finds itself yet again on one of these roundups of discontinued foods.

3. Burger King’s Ch’King Sandwich

It was announced that the Burger King Ch’King Sandwich would be pulled off the menu due to the fact that sales of the sandwich were not enough to match what it costs to produce them. Though social media reaction was nearly unanimous in that the sandwich vanishing was a mistake, in the case of the Ch’King Sandwich, it appears that money talks, and it simply was not pulling in enough cash. And with a market heavily saturated in competing chicken sandwiches, the Ch’King Sandwich had a pretty steep hill to climb (via NBC News).

What happened next? Burger King replaced its Ch’King Sandwich with a new lineup of chicken sandwiches called the BK Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwiches. The series included four sandwiches, each with different flavors and toppings. One Redditor was quick to criticize the new sandwiches as a "shrinkflation" tactic, citing similar ingredients but with a much smaller chicken patty. Perhaps one day the Ch’King Sandwich can have a resurrection moment à la McDonald’s McRib Sandwich.

4. Chili’s Original Chicken Crispers

Chili's Original Chicken Crispers

While some discontinued food items receive a farewell tour like the McRib Sandwich or copious amounts of media coverage like the Choco Taco, in the case of Chili’s Original Chicken Crispers, the classic dish went out more like a whisper. After several months of the Chicken Crispers coming and going, Chili’s sealed the deal with a Tweet in October of 2022 confirming that the dish was a thing of the past.

Fan reaction was immediate and passionate, with sentiments like "worst day of my life" and "doomsday" used to describe how people felt about the Chicken Crispers vanishing off the menu at Chili’s (via Today). So far, a petition to get the crispers back on the menu has amassed over 1,100 signatures out of the 1,500 it is seeking to gain. However, it is important to note that Chili’s does continue to offer Chicken Crispers, as they reminded us all in a Tweet posted in December. While the Crispy and Honey Chipotle varieties are still available, though, it is the Original that elicits a sense of comfort and nostalgia fans want to return to their local Chili’s. But, according to The Dallas Morning News, the Original flavor was simply not popular, so it may be that the reactions we see online are simply the very vocal, very passionate, but still very small minority.

5. Dunkin’s Veggie Egg White

Mornings can be a whirlwind, and if you find yourself without any time to eat breakfast before you head out the door, Dunkin’ Donuts is there for you when you need them most. Its menu is filled with plenty of coffee-infused beverages as well as an array of food items, ranging from classic glazed donuts to savory breakfast sandwiches. In an attempt to keep up with health trends, Dunkin’ introduced its Veggie Egg White as a protein-packed option for customers looking for convenience without the added guilt.

Unfortunately, this particular sandwich was not built to last, and users on Reddit noticed in 2022 that the Veggie Egg White was no longer a menu option. A look through Dunkin’s menu also confirms that the healthy sandwich option is nowhere to be found. For now, it looks like Dunkin’ customers will need to come up with other solutions if they want to stick to healthier fast food breakfast options.

6. Honest Tea

holding Honest Tea on beach

It is one thing to see a particular menu item vanish from your favorite restaurant or fast food chain, but it is another thing entirely to see a product that is part of your weekly grocery list vanish. Fans of the now-retired Coca-Cola brand Honest Tea had plenty to be upset about in 2022, when it was announced that it would be pulled from store shelves completely. Since then, Coca-Cola replaced the discontinued beverage with a new option called Just Ice Tea.

In an interview with Mashed, Honest Tea Founder Seth Goldman noted that he recognized the void that Honest Tea left with not only fans, but with the suppliers, and that the hope is that Just Ice Tea would fill that void. But with a beverage that was founded in 1998 (via USA Today), it may take more than a replacement product for customers to feel like they have a new go-to beverage to shop for when hitting up the grocery store.

7. McDonald’s Egg White Delight

McDonald's Egg White Delight

If you ever want to track the changes happening in the fast food industry, look no further than McDonald’s. The fast food mega-chain has gone through many changes over the years, including the addition of healthier menu items as well as the rollout of its all-day breakfast menu to keep up with trends. But due to a dip in shares in 2022, McDonald’s has recalibrated its menu to focus on the core items it is best known for, a.k.a. Big Macs and french fries.

Healthier menu items, like the Egg White Delight, were pulled off the menu in 2022, along with other calorie-conscious menu items like salads (via The Columbian). This change was imminent for quite some time, with McDonald’s locations ceasing to serve the egg White Delight as far back as 2018, according to The Takeout. While other discontinued food items on this list may represent one-off changes due to a lack of sales, the disappearance of McDonald’s Egg White Delight signifies a true change in the market and in consumer preferences, which the company seems quick to adapt to in a post-2020 world.

8. SnackWell’s cookies

variety of SnackWell's cookies

Remember SnackWell’s? They were a low-fat cookie brand that was once quite popular, but has since been discontinued entirely. A quick visit to SnackWell’s website will tell you all that you need to know regarding the whereabouts of the once-popular cookie brand. Reactions of the brand disappearing appear to be mixed. One Redditor noted that they felt somewhat sad to see the cookies discontinued as they were a childhood staple, but others were quick to point out the damage caused by the brand in the 1990s and 2000s. The Takeout reported on how SnackWell’s labeled itself as a low-fat cookie, playing a part in the fad diet craze at the time and adding to the narrative that "low fat" was equal to "healthy."

As for what SnackWell’s does next, you needn’t look further than its website once more. The company urges its fans to try Skinnygirl snacks, which market themselves as having less sugar -– yet another health trend, this time of the 2020s.

9. Subway’s Oven Roasted Chicken Breast

Subway's Oven Roasted Chicken Breast

Pop into any Subway location nationwide and you are met with a lineup of meats and veggies to custom-build your perfect sandwich. From its questionable tuna to an array of sauces, most customers can probably find a combination of ingredients that suits their taste buds. But earlier this year, your options became a bit more limited, especially if you were a fan of Subway’s Oven Roasted Chicken Breast.

In the summer of 2022, Subway went through a sizable restructuring of its menu, giving customers the convenience of ordering a signature sandwich by its name or number for a more streamlined experience (via CNN). Fans noticed, however, that this menu overhaul included removing the Oven Roasted Chicken Breast as one of the protein options, according to The Takeout. The disappearance of the chicken is somewhat shrouded in mystery, as this change came about with little to no fanfare and it took several weeks for fans to catch on. While there are still plenty of sandwich options at your local Subway, if your go-to was the Oven Roasted Chicken Breast, you will now have to come up with another lunch order.

10. Wendy’s Big Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger

Wendy's Cheeseburger on red background

Be careful what you wish for because it could cost you dearly. At least, that seems to have been the case with the Wendy’s menu in 2022, which saw the return of previously-discontinued items, the Pretzel Bacon Pub line of sandwiches, which includes a cheeseburger and chicken sandwich. However, in order to accommodate the return of the Pretzel Bacon Pub sandwiches, Wendy’s had to make room by discontinuing a different set of items.

As a result, the Big Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger was discontinued in 2022 and swapped out for the Pretzel Bacon Pub sandwiches. Wendy’s hoped that the change would bring back customers who missed the Pretzel Bacon Pub lineup, which included Pub Fries, according to The Street. Oddly enough, the reason the Pretzel Bacon Pub lineup was discontinued in the first place was to make room for the Big Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger, which debuted in 2021 along with a Chicken Sandwich menu item. Time will tell if Wendy’s decides to do another switcheroo next year, but for now, fans of the Big Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger will have to make do with the returning lineup of sandwiches.

11. Starbucks’ Chicken, Maple Butter, and Egg Sandwich

While some menu items that found themselves discontinued in 2022 were long-standing favorites amongst fans, other food and beverage items were only available for a "blink and you will miss it" length of time. This is certainly the case with Starbucks, which debuted a new breakfast sandwich in 2022. Because Starbucks does not make major changes to its food menu too often, opting instead to focus on its popular lineup of coffee beverages, when a new sandwich hits the scene, it is kind of a big deal. So, when Starbucks unveiled its Chicken, Maple Butter, and Egg Sandwich, fans were understandably excited.

As it turned out, the sandwich became an ultra-limited-time menu item, though that was not the intent. The Chicken, Maple, Butter, and Egg Sandwich debuted on June 21, 2022, and it vanished less than one week later, on June 26 (via Food Business News). According to NBC News, Starbucks voluntarily pulled the sandwich off of the menu for quality issues, though the coffee chain emphasized it had nothing to do with foodborne illnesses. The sandwich was not around nearly long enough to develop a fan following that would be let down by it being discontinued, though it certainly was a fascinating highlight in Starbucks’ 2022 recap.

12. Wendy’s Hot Honey Dipping Sauce

Wendy's dipping sauces

The only thing as good as the perfect fast food sandwich are the sauces that come with them. Sauces and flavorings can become popular in their own right, like the Chick-fil-A sauce that you can buy in grocery stores, and McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce. So, it is totally understandable that if these sauces were to, say, vanish into thin air, fans would be a little more than upset.

If you happened to be one of the Wendy’s regulars who loved their Hot Honey Dipping Sauce, then we have some bad news. The sauce was discontinued in 2022, thus ending its relatively new Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich, which debuted at the start of the year (via Thrillist). It is worth pointing out that as of December 2022 the Hot Honey Sauce is still listed on Wendy’s menu, though according to Thrillist, Wendy’s did confirm that the sauce would be slowly phased out, and locations would not be restocked once they were out. So, consider this your final warning to enjoy the Honey Dipping Sauce at your local Wendy’s while you still can.

13. Burger King’s Ice Cream Sundaes

Fast food chains are not necessarily the first places you would think to go if you were in the mood for ice cream, but it was always a comforting feeling to know that there was always a frozen treat available should you desire one. However, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting rise in costs, fast food chains have had to make various business decisions that put a whole lot of targets on the backs of your favorite menu items.

Burger King confirmed this year that it would be discontinuing its ice cream sundaes, along with a few other low-selling menu items (via Reuters). The move comes as Burger King looks to close the gap caused from increased spending on expenses related to labor and food. The ice cream sundaes join a long list of discontinued Burger King menu items that fans would rather have seen stick around (remember when they had a Bacon Sundae?).