city with mountains behind

In many places, the cold and snow can feel unbearable during the winter months. While sunny and warm cities like San Diego have average temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit in January, the average temperature in New York during the same month is a cold 39 degrees. And in January, Chicagoans experience average temperatures as low as 18 degrees.

If you live in a chilly city and daydream about packing your bags and heading to a warm destination to forget how cold you are, you’re probably not alone. But there are cities around the world where the word freezing is an understatement and temperatures above 50 degrees F are only a wish.

We checked out locations where subzero temperatures during the winter are the norm and annual average temperatures rarely rise above 40 degrees F. To determine the coldest temperatures, we gathered weather data from Accuweather, U.S. Climate Data, The Weather Channel and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute among many others. Plenty of cities in Russia and Canada are known for their bone-chilling temperatures, but we highlighted cities that show just how chilly the world can really get.

Oymyakon, Sakha Republic
Yakutsk, Russia
Fraser, Colorado
Fairbanks, Alaska
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Nursultan, Kazakhstan
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Anchorage, Alaska
Naryn, Kyrgyzstan