The bombshell excerpts leaked from Prince Harry‘s upcoming memoir have found their way onto The View, where Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, were the Hot Topic of the day during a passionate conversation about England, race and royals.

Joy Behar kicked it all off with a defense of Markle, whom she said was getting unfairly shunned and criticized by Harry’s own family. She told the panel, “It seems like everyone in the royal family treats Meghan like Yoko Ono,” referring to John Lennon’s wife.

“Yoko Ono allegedly broke up The Beatles, and she became the pariah of that generation. It’s almost the same thing here. I mean, why would [Prince] William — if this is all true — why would William be so upset with Meghan and go after her to her husband? There’s something bizarre about this.”

When Behar asked the panel if any of them think Markle is to blame for Harry’s strained relationship with his family, Ana Navarro said the whole situation was being treated as gossip, when the reality is much darker and sadder. She admitted, “At this point, I find all of these stories incredibly painful because we are seeing the disintegration of a family unit in front of our eyes.”

She continued, “And yes, it’s tea and it’s entertaining, and they’re monarchy and they’re an institution, but they’re also a family. And I think the wounds that are being revealed are going to be harder and harder to heal with so much publicity.”

Behar chimed in again later in the segment to defend Markle once more, noting that the “vitriol” against the actress has been “incredibly sick,” before specifically pointing to a widely condemned column published by The Sun in December and written by Jeremy Clarkson.

In the column, Clarkson suggested Markle should be paraded nude through the streets and have “lumps of excrement” thrown at her; The Sun later apologized and retracted the article.

“What type of idiot writes something like this about a person, a girl who lives in the world and who is trying to wake up in the morning and get through the day? What a disgusting pig,” Behar spit out.

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