Eddie Murphy wrapped up his acceptance speech for the prestigious Cecil B. DeMille award at this year’s Golden Globes with a blow at Will Smith’s infamous Oscar slap. Murphy ended his otherwise sincere speech by offering those watching a “definitive blueprint” for “success, prosperity, longevity, and peace of mind.”

“It’s very simple,” Murphy said. “You just do these three things: Pay your taxes, mind your business, and keep Will Smith’s wife’s name out of your f*cking mouth.”

Of course, Murphy’s full quote was censored for the broadcast, but eagle-eyed viewers could read his lips. He definitely dropped the f-bomb.

Eddie Murphy wasn’t nominated for a Golden Globe tonight, but was instead presented with the honorific Cecil B. DeMille award. The award was introduced by Tracy Morgan, who described how Murphy’s run on Saturday Night Live, as a stand up, and later on the big screen inspired his own career. Audiences then watched a montage of Murphy’s extensive work in film, TV, and stand up. Trading Places co-star Jamie Lee Curtis joined Morgan onstage to present the award to Murphy.

Murphy’s speech wasn’t the only mention all night of Will Smith’s infamous Oscar slap. After his awkward monologue (in which he explained he was hosting the show because he was “Black”), emcee Jerrod Carmichael proceeded to drop a number of scandalous one-liners throughout the night. One offered to trade Tom Cruise’s returned Golden Globes for the missing Scientologist Shelley Miscavage, while another blamed venue the Beverly Hilton for Whitney Houston’s death. Carmichael saved yet another savage barb for Smith himself.

“While we were on commercial, we actually presented Will Smith with the Rock Hudson award for Best Portrayal of Masculinity on Television,” Carmichael said, to a muted reaction. “So give it up for Will Smith.”

Will Smith, of course, grew irate during the Oscars last year when Chris Rock made fun of wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s bald hairstyle. Pinkett Smith had begun to rock a bald ‘do after embracing her alopecia. In his joke, Rock compared Pinkett Smith to “G.I. Jane,” which set Smith off. He stormed the stage and slapped the comic.

Murphy’s jest doesn’t seem as likely to cause controversy, but it was noteworthy all the same.