The NFL faces the difficult task of sorting through the playoff ramifications after the Bills-Bengals game was ruled as no contest following Damar Hamlin’s scary on-field cardiac arrest.

Nothing has been officially determined yet, but the league has proposed ideas on how to “fairly” handle the playoff picture – including a neutral-site AFC Championship Game if either of the teams are involved and a coin flip to determine home field. It appears not everyone is happy with that proposal.

Joe Mixon, the Bengals’ star running back, tweeted a picture of the NFL’s rulebook Thursday night, with the caption: “So we not following the rules no more.”

Joe Mixon
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Mixon screengrabbed the rule about “competitive policy for cancelled games,” which states that if a game is cancelled, playoff seeding is determined by final winning percentage. It appears he is trying to argue that there should be no need for a neutral-site game or any coin flips due to the rules already in place.

Should the Bengals make it to the championship game against the Chiefs, the game would be played at a neutral site under the proposal. However, that would be just about the only way they could benefit.

If Cincinnati loses to Baltimore in Week 18, the league would theoretically flip a coin to determine home-field for a playoff match. However, Cincinnati would still have the higher winning percentage regardless of the result of the game – and should have already locked up the division under the rules that are currently in place.

The scene from “Monday Night Football” after Damar Hamlin’s collapse

The owners have to approve the proposals during a meeting held Friday. However, we can say for sure that at least one Bengal would be unhappy if the vote passes.

The league is still reeling over Hamlin’s injury during the “Monday Night Football” game, with tributes pouring out from players, coaches, fans and media members. As of Friday, the Bills safety remains in the ICU in critical condition – though he has been awake and making significant progress.