Kate Middleton and Prince William in Carcross, Canada

When Britain’s royal family travels, it’s a highly coordinated affair. Willam, Prince of Wales and Catherine, Princess of Wales recently visited Boston to attend the annual Earthshot Prize Awards Ceremony. But their relatively short three-day trip doesn’t compare to the six-month tour in the 1950s by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip where they visited 11 Commonwealth countries (via CNN). Planning involves not just where they go and when, but who they will meet, where they will sit, and what they will wear. The queen liked to wear bright colors so she could be seen in a crowd, and she liked to include a country’s national colors or symbols in her outfit, per Royal Collection Trust. Like when she visited Canada in 1957 and to a state banquet, she wore a dress that featured a maple leaf motif (via Canadian Museum of History).

Kate Middleton followed in the queen’s footsteps during her first international visit after getting married in 2011. The newlyweds went to Canada for a nine-day trip, and while there, Kate wore a diamond maple leaf brooch borrowed from the queen and a red maple leaf hat, according to The Guardian. And while the rest of us don’t have access to dressers and jewelers, much less the royal family’s jewelry, we can visit many of the places that the royals have. Here’s some information on where to go and what to do to travel like a royal in Canada.