Emma Roberts says it “just made so much sense” that Richard Gere would play her father in the upcoming rom-com “Maybe I Do.”

“I loved him in ‘Runaway Bride’ and ‘Pretty Woman,’” she exclusively told Page Six on Tuesday at the Cinema Society screening of the movie, mentioning two rom-com classics that also happen to star her aunt, Julia Roberts.

“Obviously, he’s worked with my aunt,” she continued, “so to get to work with him felt like full circle.”

Emma Roberts grew up watching “Pretty Woman” starring her aunt, Julia Roberts, and Richard Gere.
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The comedy also stars Susan Sarandon, William H. Macy and Diane Keaton, who plays Roberts’ mom.

Roberts said playing alongside Keaton was a thrill for her, as she grew up watching “Baby Boom” and “First Wives Club.”

Emma said working with Gere was a “full circle” moment as he’s worked alongside her aunt in several films.
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“I feel like I could just watch a live stream of Diane Keaton all day because she is just so funny and so smart and so talented,” the actress, 31, explained. “Even her mannerisms are so Diane Keaton. So, it was just really fun just to share breathing space with her.”

The “American Horror Story” star is equally busy on the homefront, chasing after her toddler son, Rhodes, who she shares with ex Garrett Hedlund.

Emma is the daughter of Julia’s older brother, Eric.

“I definitely have invested in a really comfortable pair of sneakers because he’s now faster than me and he’s almost as tall as me,” she quipped. “I’m soon going to be outpowered. He just turned 2 and we had a really sweet birthday celebration. It’s the best.”

Last month, Roberts posted a rare photo of her little one standing on a couch in Christmas pajamas looking out of a window.

Diane Keaton and Gere play Roberts’ parents in “Maybe I Do.”
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“Happy Birthday to my angel boy Rhodes!!!” she captioned the sweet pic.

Also in attendance at the chic screening at the Crosby Street Hotel included Gere — who made it a date night with wife Alejandra Silva — Sarandon, “Mad Men” alum John Slattery, Padma Lakshmi, Kathleen Turner and Paulina Porizkova.

“Maybe I Do” is set to release in theaters on Friday, Jan. 27.

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