The recent re-releases of Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable bring the classic titles to PS4 and through backwards compatibility, to PS5.

Lacking a native PS5 version however means that both ports of these Atlus titles are not taking advantage of the PS5’s hardware, and don’t support high framerates or a high resolution.

A bit of a bitter pill considering that there is a native PS5 version for Persona 5 Royal, and even more so when you consider that both of these ports on Xbox Series X do in fact support a higher framerate and resolution.

So not only does it look better on Xbox, it can run better, especially if you have the monitor to support a higher framerate.

In our reviews of both ports, we found them to both be fine ports of the fan-favourite games, but overall lacking in any actual way of an upgrade in the way of what it feels like to play on a more modern console.