Even celebrities aren’t safe from the horrors of dating apps. During today’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, Chelsea Handler and Drew Barrymore exchanged their own cringe-worthy stories from their experiences in attempting to find love online.

While stopping by to promote her new Netflix stand-up special, Revolution, Handler also took part in a game of Red Flag, Yellow Flag, Green Flag, which led to a story about how she learned about the feature on dating apps made for people who are just looking to find friends.

“I was talking to this guy. We were texting and, like, the third text in he said something like, ‘Oh, I’m just putting the kids to bed with my wife,’” she disclosed. “I reread it and I went, ‘What?’ And then I went back and he said, ‘Oh, just here for friends. Married with children.’ And I thought, ‘Who’s on a dating app to meet friends?’”

As Ross Mathews waved around his red flag, the comedian, who said it was “so weird” to her, continued, “I was like, ‘Hey buddy! I’m not talking to you to become friends, OK?’” before adding, “I was looking and I guess that’s a category where you could be like, ‘I’m just here to meet people.’”

Barrymore revealed that she often finds herself in situations where potential suitors are only on the app to meet friends. She said, “I’m like, ‘OK, well we’re all shopping here and if your cart is full, why are you here?’”

Mathews then quipped, “Yeah, it’s like going to the grocery store for a library book. Darling, you’re in the wrong spot.”

And you didn’t think Barrymore would let this convo slide without any mention of her own horror stories, did you? The actress dished on one strange encounter she had while chatting with someone on the app.

“This guy wrote, ‘I grew up above a cobbler shop so the scent of leather just is so nostalgic and every time I smell it I’m brought back to my childhood.’ And I was like, ‘Alright,’ well, you know, jokingly, I’m like, ‘Well, if I smell any leather today I’ll let you know,’” she explained. “I said, ‘What an interesting story.’ And he goes, ‘Oh, I made it up.’ And I just went, ‘Unfollow.’”

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