Sedona is a beautiful destination for countless tourists visiting Arizona each year, as well as home to thousands of locals who enjoy the landmarks, natural beauty, and high-quality restaurants. If you are looking for some ideal eateries in Sedona, you will not be hurting for options – dozens of delicious and well-known restaurants operate there. Whether you want casual Mexican or high-class dining, you’ll find a meal in Sedona you’ll love. But what if you’re on a budget? Prices have gone up on everything in recent years, and restaurant menus are no exception. While "cheap" doesn’t really seem to be an option anymore, there are affordable restaurants in Sedona that are more budget-friendly than others.

According to Budget Your Trip, it may cost two people around $1850 to vacation for one week in Sedona. A significant portion of this obviously includes eating in restaurants. Being budget-conscious, knowing where to go, and planning what to get before you’re sitting down can potentially save you bucks that can be spent on more memorable experiences while you’re in Arizona. If you are a new resident of Sedona, you are likely aware that the cost of living is about 30% higher than the national average, and housing is 90% higher (according to Payscale). Due to this fact, these restaurants might be able to help you stay on track financially as you settle into your new city.

1. Señor Bob’s Burgers & Dogs

Señor Bobs‘ name alone might give the impression this is a quick taqueria. In actuality, it’s known by locals as the top hot dog destination in town. According to Family Destinations Guide, Señor Bob’s has some incredible hot dogs — and it even has gluten-free buns, which is a rarity at affordable restaurants in general, let alone what’s one step above a hot dog stand.

The Señor-an Dog is the signature hot dog of this restaurant and comes with pico de gallo, jalapeño refried beans, bacon, and cilantro aioli. If you aren’t feeling that adventurous, you’re still in luck, as the additions and customizations you can make to your dog of choice are impressive. Add-ons include everything from cheese and chili to veggie patties to a slice of ribeye. Señor Bob’s also sells burgers, Philly cheesesteaks, pulled pork sandwiches, and more. If you’re visiting Arizona, be sure to order a red cream soda — they aren’t readily available in some regions.

Expect to pay around $15 for one of its gourmet hot dogs and a drink. Sides are also available for an affordable price.

2. Coffee Pot Restaurant

It would be a shame to come to Sedona without a stop at Coffee Pot Restaurant. This breakfast and lunch spot has incredible views thanks to its location next to Coffee Pot Rock. According to Fodor’s Travel, this restaurant is known locally as the home of 101 different omelet varieties, including both classic and incredibly strange combinations. One example? A peanut butter, jelly, and banana omelet that was allegedly inspired by Elvis Presley’s favorite sandwich.

Coffee Pot is family-owned, has been a staple of Sedona since the 1950s, and is currently in its third location, as it has grown and expanded over the years. Here you’ll find dark-roasted coffee that is locally made and also sold in Coffee Pot’s eclectic gift shop. Outside of the breakfast menu, this place also has an incredibly diverse lunch menu, ranging from salads to burgers to Mexican entrées.

Some affordable options to try: The Build-Your-Own Breakfast Burrito, which starts at $7.50, or the huge variety of omelets, which will run you about $15. For lunch, check out the Red Rock Lunch Specials, which include a protein, vegetables, a potato side, and bread for around $15.

3. Wildflower

Wildflower uses whole, healthy ingredients to create menu items that are delicious and won’t leave you feeling terrible after your meal. So often, low-priced food equals greasy plates of fattening, cheap components, but Wildflower is changing the narrative with affordable options like avocado toast with egg or protein bowls. According to Frommer’s, the restaurant itself is a destination due to its patio views of famous rockscapes, as well as a cozy fireplace area indoors. Whether you’re going solo or with a crowd, it’s a great place to hang out as well as eat an affordable meal.

Some budget-friendly choices: Thai noodles or Mediterranean eggplant — both of which are under six bucks. For heartier meals, a cheddar-braised beef sandwich with your choice of side dish will run you around $14, while a shakshuka breakfast bowl comes in at under $12. For children, the entire kids’ menu for both breakfast and lunch is priced at $7.29 (at the time of publication), and gluten-free options are available for both young and old.

Not local to Sedona but have fallen in love with this delicious spot? You might be in luck — it has sixteen locations throughout Arizona, including the Phoenix and Tempe areas.

4. Café Jose

Café Jose‘s tagline is "A fiesta every day." That certainly doesn’t sound like a bad idea, does it? Best of all, this fiesta includes breakfast all day. Now we’re talking! Café Jose is an award-winning destination in Sedona, and is a family-owned and operated business with a huge variety of American and Mexican offerings. The portions are huge and the prices are reasonable, making it an ideal stop for both Sedona families and budget-conscious tourists.

According to, the entire menu is made-to-order, which ensures you get fresh, delicious food that is ideal for picky palates, kids, and anyone who has a hankering for Mexican cuisine. Locals will tell you that the servers at Café Jose are some of the most energetic in town, and the restaurant thrives off of its repeat business due to its friendly demeanor.

For an affordable breakfast, try The Basic, which includes two eggs, potatoes, and toast for under $10. For lunch, a soup and half sandwich will run you around $12. On the Mexican side of the menu, both seafood and ribeye fajitas are available for under $20. The entire menu is relatively affordable when you consider portion sizes and the fact everything is made to order.

5. Sedona Memories

Sedona memories front door

According to Sedona Monthly, Sedona Memories Café has some delicious sandwiches, a rotating daily special, and chocolate chip cookies to finish off your meal. If you order ahead, then a cookie is thrown in for free. Sounds good to us!

Perhaps one of the reasons Sedona Memories is so tasty is the fact that it’s a very simple menu. You won’t find anything fancy or diverse here — just simple sandwiches, side dishes, beverages, and the aforementioned glorious cookies. At the time of publication, all sandwiches are $10.75, and a side of chips is available for $1.50. The restaurant also serves up macaroni or potato salad for $2.50 each. Still focused on those cookies? Extra ones cost just $2.

If you can’t decide on what to order, go with the turkey sandwich. The slices aren’t run-of-the-mill deli meat, but instead are thick turkey pieces like what you’d use to make a sandwich out of Thanksgiving leftovers. Sedona Memories Café doesn’t skimp on the good stuff.

6. Adriana’s Mexican Restaurant

Venture just a few miles outside of Sedona into the small town of Cottonwood to discover some excellent Mexican food. Adriana’s is owned by Adriana herself, along with her husband. He will likely be your chef, and you might have Adriana as your server. Everything is traditionally prepared from start to finish, and this restaurant makes sure of it by keeping its permanent menu small with rotating specials. According to My Traveling Tastes, the tacos are incredibly flavorful and come with complimentary chips and salsa. The site also reports it as "very budget friendly," which is good news for hungry travelers who have limited funds paired with a big appetite for some Southwest goodness.

One thing that’s mentioned by reviewers over and over again? The flan. Check out this delectable Mexican dessert after you’ve filled your belly with quality tacos, chips, and salsa. Rotating specials include everything from carnitas to Menudo, so even if you’re local and come here frequently, your tastebuds will never get bored. For an affordable treat, try the Carnitas a la Crema when they are available, which will cost around $15.

7. The Sundowner

When you walk into The Sundowner, you’ll be told by locals fairly quickly that this establishment describes itself as the only five-star dive bar in Sedona. According to The Travel, it’s also home to some memorable food, including fan favorites like the Breaded Chicken Sandwich with Fried Avocado, Corkscrew Shrimp, and Hot Pastrami on Marbled Rye. This is a regular hangout spot for local residents, and they are known for being friendly and lively. The bar serves food all day long, and since it’s hyperlocal, it doesn’t have much of an online/social media presence. You’ll just have to go check it out for yourself.

The Sundowner is also affordable. Curious about the fried avocado? That sandwich will run you only about $12, while the aforementioned Corkscrew Shrimp is on the appetizer menu for under $8. Of course, all prices are subject to change due to the fluctuating economy and rising food prices, so you’ll want to check for the most recent menu edits. But when it comes to affordable eating in Sedona, The Sundowner is definitely leading the pack, and you might make some new friends on your visit, too.

8. Red Rock Café

The Red Rock Café is surrounded by — as the name would suggest — gorgeous red rock formations. If you happen to be out on the patio of this restaurant at sunset, you’re in for a gorgeous show from Mother Nature. But don’t worry, the food at this location is delicious and affordable any time of day. Established in 2008, this restaurant describes itself as the best brunch spot in Northern Arizona, and it seems like many of the locals agree. It was once rated as one of the top 50 restaurants in the state by Arizona Highways Magazine.

Since The Red Rock Café is known for its breakfast and brunch cuisine, there are some recommendations vetted by travel bloggers and food reviewers. One thing most agree on? Don’t skip the cinnamon rolls. Michael Stern of Roadfood describes it as being as wide as a dinner plate and two inches tall. Since it’s big enough to share with your tablemates, you’ll still have room for some of the other noteworthy breakfast plates like the huevos rancheros or chicken-fried steak. Did we mention their 99-cent mimosa specials?

For a budget breakfast, try the biscuits and gravy, which come in at under $10. All of these ingredients can be made gluten-free, which is a great perk since gluten-free substitutions are usually more pricey than regular menu offerings. The famous cinnamon roll is also affordable at under $8, considering the fact it is big enough for an entire meal.

9. Momo’s Kitchen

Korean food can be hard to afford, as it is often served at sit-down places. After you work in tip and eat-in taxes, plus the more expensive food items, it just isn’t usually an economical choice. However, Momo’s Kitchen in Sedona is aiming to change that with quick-service Korean favorites that are affordable and perfect to take to go. The menu at this restaurant is extremely simple — it basically sells three items plus beverages. But each of these menu items is customizable and has many variations.

Momo’s Bibimbap is a combination of rice and quinoa served with a top layer of fresh vegetables, a protein (beef, chicken, or tofu), and a fried egg. It is warm, comforting, and not at all expensive — a bowl will cost you under $15.

According to, beef or chicken bulgogi is one of the most well-known Korean dishes, and Momo’s serves it over rice and topped with cabbage and special sauce. The bulgogi meat itself is the quintessential Korean BBQ staple. Again, this is available for less than $15. Beyond that, Momo’s also serves up a Korean version of potstickers, kimchi, tea, and pear juice. It’s all quick, reasonably priced, and healthy. Oh, and it also happens to taste amazing.

10. Moon Dogs Pizza

Moon Dogs has the charm of a neighborhood pizza parlor combined with quality food that you’ll feel good about eating. Now we aren’t suggesting that anything at Moon Dogs is healthy, but it certainly will make you feel good emotionally as you sink your teeth into one of its gourmet pizzas, calzones, or sub sandwiches. According to Travel Awaits, the Moon Dog Classic is a great pizza to try. It comes with pepperoni, sausage, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, and black olives — and the largest size comes in at just under $30. It’s enough to feed a family of three to four people, and is a better choice for your budget than going to a sit-down restaurant where everyone would order their own entrees.

Another way to save money at Moon Dogs? Check out its website. It has rotating internet specials that will save you a bundle, like 25% off your order of $25 or more whenever it’s a full moon out. On any ordinary day, check out its discounted family pack — which comes with a 16" pizza, wings, breadsticks, and soda for under $40. You just won’t find anything else in Sedona that will feed your family for that low a price tag.

If you find yourself visiting Sedona, visit Moon Dogs Pizza in person. Or, if you are local to the area, the company delivers.

11. ChocolaTree Organic Oasis

ChocolaTree Organic Oasis is a safe haven for those in the Sedona region who have food allergies or like to eat extremely healthfully and sustainably. The restaurant grows its own vegetables, berries, and herbs that you can observe in its onsite garden. The majority of the menu features no-sugar entrees that are either vegan or raw, and are always organic. But if this isn’t your regular sort of diet, you wouldn’t leave ChocolaTree unsatisfied. According to Gayot, it has delicious breakfast items like pancakes and waffles with a healthy twist, as well lunchtime fare like cucumber avocado sushi, and smoothies. And it doesn’t skimp on the desserts — you’ll find a roster of cakes, pies, and ice cream that are all made in-house and are always 100% gluten-free.

If the weather is agreeable, request to sit out on the patio. The ambiance is incredibly zen as you eat your meal surrounded by trees, cobblestones, wooden pergolas, and natural wood tables and chairs. It’s beautiful, inviting, and the perfect breakfast or dessert retreat before spending the day exploring Sedona.

If you’re looking to save money, many of ChocolaTree’s soups and salads come in half sizes available for less than $10, and most of their baked goods come in under that price as well. All of its entrees are under $20, which is quite affordable considering the dietary restrictions they are catering to, as well as the expensive ingredients they are using.

12. Black Cow Café

Black Cow Café is a family-owned ice cream parlor and coffeehouse that has been serving locals and tourists alike since 1998. According to Sunset Magazine, it can be easy to miss because it shares a shopping district with tourist traps like t-shirt shops and time-share sales. If you can dodge the crowds of tourists and find this cute spot, you are in for a treat. All ice cream is homemade in-house, and that includes baking their own waffle cones, too.

Not only are its desserts delicious, but they are also affordable. The coffee varieties are comparable to Starbucks, but arguably taste better and are more unique due to the café’s lack of mass-produced ingredients. Its ice cream sundaes are also cheaper (and of higher quality) than what you’d find at Baskin Robbins or other chains. A sundae loaded with Oreos, Snickers, or fruit as well as sauces and whipped cream will cost you under $7.

Black Cow Café serves both traditional ice cream flavors like vanilla and strawberry, as well as in-house specials like their most popular flavor — prickly pear. Not in an ice cream mood? Black Cow Café is also home to a huge variety of pastries, as well as serving up hot dogs for those who aren’t quite yet ready to give in to their sweet tooth.