Goops! She did it again.

Gwyneth Paltrow faced backlash after posting a video preparing a salmon “detox” salad on the official Goop Instagram account on Wednesday.

To promote the lifestyle brand’s $195 “G. Tox 7-Day Reset Kit,” Paltrow prepared a “grilled salad” consisting of romaine lettuce, scallions, avocado, zucchini, asparagus and broiled salmon topped with a “very simple chive maple Dijon vinaigrette.”

“I mean, look at how bountiful and beautiful. That’s a big meal,” the 50-year-old said in the video. “What’s so nice about this reset is there’s so much food in it, and it’s all really nutrient-dense.”

Once she finished putting the colorful plate together, Paltrow gave the meal a try.

“Mmm, that’s so good,” she said. “You would never know that this was a detox. Thank you so much for following along my Goop detox reset. I’m feeling really good. Check out the kit on”

Gwyneth Paltrow angered fans when she posted a video making a salad on the Goop Instagram.

While fans of the “Politician” actress complimented the fishy feast, others slammed her for calling the meal a “detox.”

“Girl you just make crap up to make a buck. Your liver is what takes care of cleansing the body of toxins. All this ‘cleanse’ bulls–t is just another way for you to make cash,” commented one impassioned person claiming to be a nurse practitioner. “This chick has no f–king idea what she’s talking about…It’s so full of s–t!! Your body is made in a way to cleanse yourself of all toxins. Eat right. Eat healthy, exercise, get enough sleep.”

“She’s always detoxing/resetting what she eats. It feels obsessive. It also appears like disordered eating. It appears unhealthy,” a second agreed.

The actress prepared a grilled salad topped with salmon and a mustard vinaigrette.

“How is this a ‘big meal’? Can we stop lying to ourselves?” a third said, with another adding, “detox isnt a thing. stop trying to make it one!”

Page Six spoke to women’s health dietitian McKenzie Caldwell, MPH, RDN, to get her expert opinion on detoxing.

“A salad with salmon: There’s nothing wrong with that, and it even looks like a complete meal with starchy vegetables in it, too,” Caldwell told us on Thursday. “But the whole idea of a ‘detox’ is a really unfortunate way that diet culture tries to scare people into thinking that they need to buy something to rid their body of scary things that is not actually happening.”

The registered nutritionist added, “For the average person, your liver, lungs, kidneys and skin are detoxing your body on a daily basis, and a well-rounded eating pattern, in general, is going to support all of those organs in doing what they need to do.”

The Goop founder was slammed for promoting detoxing.

University of Exeter professor, Edzard Ernst, MD, PhD, agreed that detoxing does nothing to rid the body of toxins.

“None of the detox treatments have been shown to eliminate toxins from the body,” he tells Page Six in a statement on Thursday. “In fact, they do nothing more than eliminate some money from the consumers.

“In addition, they harm our health by making us believe we can happily over-indulge without regret.”

Other followers ripped Paltrow for allegedly using farmed salmon instead of wild-caught.

“It was going so well until she used farmed salmon instead of wild ,” one critic wrote.

Haters dragged her for the way she prepared her veggies.

“Why are you eating toxic FARMED SALMON??” another asked.

“The fact that women pay $ to listen to your drivel is insane. Farmed salmon is terrible for you,” one more wrote.

Netizens also called out Paltrow’s cooking technique.

Others called her out for allegedly using farmed salmon.

“please folks, don’t murder asparagus like that. Waaaaay too much waste,” one person said, referring to how Paltrow cut off more than half of the asparagus when removing the stems.

“So much waste on the asparagus,” a second commenter added.

“What about washing the veggies 1st,” another hater wrote.

Paltrow’s Goop company has stirred up many controversies over the years.

Despite the backlash, Paltrow’s devoted fans defended her.

“This looks delicious. And I can’t believe the comment section if you don’t like her, if you think she’s old, if you want to critique the salmon how much vegetable she’s cutting up or cutting off, etc. etc. then stop following Goop!” a Goopster wrote. “Jeez the negative energy is 100 times more toxic than her use of olive oil or her salmon!”

“You had me at Maple Dijon vinaigrette,” another gushed.

She previously caught heat for promoting harmful practices on her Goop website, including vaginal steaming and vagina jade eggs.

Over the years, Paltrow has found herself caught in several Goop controversies.

Three years ago, the wellness guru was slammed for selling a $75 vagina-scented candle. In 2015, she caught heat for promoting vaginal steaming, with listing the treatment as one of the “5 Things You Definitely Should Not Be Doing to Your Vagina.”

And in 2018, Goop was dragged for hawking vaginal jade eggs, which ended up being harmful.

A year later, attendees at a Goop wellness summit accused the founder of ripping them off, with one attendee calling Paltrow a “f – – king extortionist.”

Page Six has reached out to a Goop spokesperson for comment.

DeAnna Pappas and Stephen Stagliano posing together.
DeAnna Pappas announced that she husband Stephen Stagliano have split after 11 years of marriage.

“It is with immense sadness, Stephen & I have decided to end our relationship as a couple,” the former “Bachelorette” star, 41, wrote in an Instagram post on Thursday. “We have been working hard for a long time — both as a married couple & as individuals & have come to the conclusion to remain separate.”

Pappas added that she and Stagliano will “remain loving parents” to their two children, Addison, 8, and Austin, 6, and “will continue to raise them together with love & faith.”

“We ask you to respect our privacy during this difficult time as we navigate the new normal. We want to thank our dear friends & family for your endless support & many, many prayers during what has become the most difficult time of our lives,” she concluded.

Pappas was met with a lot of support in the comment section of her post, especially from her Bachelor Nation peers.

“Love and support to you and your family,” commented former “Bachelor” Bob Guiney.

“Sending love and prayers for the whole family 🫂,” wrote former “Bachelor” contestant Holly Durst Julian.

Pappas made her reality TV debut during Season 11 of “The Bachelor” in 2007. After being rejected by Brad Womack in the final rose ceremony, she went on to lead Season 4 of “The Bachelorette” in 2008.

Though she gave her final rose to Jesse Csincsak and the two became engaged, they later went their separate ways.

In 2010, the reality star became engaged to Stagliano, 38, after she was introduced to him through his brother, Michael Stagliano, who starred in Season 5 of “The Bachelorette.”

The following fall, Stagliano and Pappas tied the knot and later welcomed their daughter in 2014 and their son in 2016.

Though Pappas did not disclose any details about why the couple split, they were previously open about going to couples therapy.

“We pay thousands of dollars for counseling, so we’re doing great!” she quipped to Us Weekly in 2018, adding, “Not that we were ever not.”

“We think you’re crazy if you don’t go to therapy,” Pappas explained. “We are all a product of our environment and how we were raised and none of us are perfect.”

Courteney Cox and Laura Dern get matching tattoos with their kids
Courteney Cox and Laura Dern showed off the matching tattoos they got with their kids.

Just call it “The One Where They All Get Matching Tattoos.”

“Friends” star Courteney Cox and longtime pal Laura Dern have cemented their bond with matching tattoos — and their children got in on the fun, too.

In an Instagram photo posted Wednesday, the whole group showed off the shared fine-line design, which includes a paper airplane alongside the words “go long.”

While most of the crew — including Cox, 58, Dern, 55, and Dern’s kids Ellery, 21, and Jaya, 18 — opted to get the ink on their arms, Cox’s 18-year-old daughter, Coco, got hers on her upper back.

“Adding a new layer to our 16 year Christmas Eve tradition,” Cox captioned the snaps, joking, “Watch out… we might have sleeves by 2025.”

Dern shares Jaya and Ellery with her ex-husband, musician Ben Harper, while Cox shares Coco with her former hubby, actor David Arquette.

Plenty of the two stars’ famous friends flocked to the comments to share their approval of the ink, including Reese Witherspoon, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jennifer Meyer and Sara Foster.

“Is Laura Dern just one of those celebrities that’s friends with everyone?” one curious commenter questioned.

Another asked if “go long” was a nod to “Friends,” asking, “Is this a Friends reference from the Thanksgiving football game?”

But some didn’t think the family ink was appropriate, with one person commenting, “It’s a no from me. Make a picture, frame it, hang it. Look at its forever perfection and hand it down to your family.”

Celebrity tattoo artist Scott Campbell, who was previously married to actress Lake Bell, was behind the matching moment. He reposted the group shot to his Instagram Stories with the caption, “I LOVE THESE PEOPLE.”

Perhaps the gang will return for more body art next holiday season.