A report from Wololo.net sent plenty of PS5 owners into a bit of a panic a few days ago when it claimed that keeping your PS5 console in the vertical orientation is potentially killing your console.

The report claimed that unopened consoles, originally interpreted as unopened, in-box consoles, left in vertical orientation for too long, could potentially see the liquid metal drip down the side of the motherboard and permanently damage the console.

It was also suggested that the same could happen to those consoles in use in the vertical orientation. However it’s beginning to look like the original reports aren’t as dire as they once seemed.

Firstly, Wololo.net has published an update on their report, clarifying that the PS5’s in question were not unopened in the sense that they had yet to be taken out of the box.

They were only unopened in regards to the console itself not having been opened by other repair stores or the owners themselves.

The problem is still real AFAIK, but there is *no evidence* that it happens on consoles that have been sitting in their box. That part was a complete misunderstanding on our end.

The damage is done, but I have updated the article (pending cache refresh)https://t.co/jx0ngLqR41

— Wololo (@frwololo) January 9, 2023

Wololo.net still claims that this remains an issue, though others aren’t entirely convinced.

Spawn Wave of SpawnWaveMedia for one, a YouTuber who ran a console repair shop for years prior to his YouTube career. He doesn’t believe this should really be that much of a problem, due to the extensive barrier Sony placed around the liquid metal, and his understanding of how the cooling liquid works in the first place.

He also pointed out that the reports of this happening are still very few, and not evidence that there’s a rampant issue.

“Sony did go above and beyond here with this barrier.”

Spawn Wave does however point out how the liquid metal might look towards the end of the PS5’s life cycle, without being replaced for multiple years.