Netflix has been teasing plans to battle password sharing for quite some time. Now their plans to do so have finally been revealed. Naturally, Netflix users are upset by the news, and many of them are now threatening to cancel their subscriptions.

The plans were revealed from Netflix’s own website. However, the rules have since been removed after going viral online. It was later clarified by a spokesperson that these rules weren’t intended for users in the United States. Rather, an altered set of rules will be released at a later point in time for the US.

Regardless, it still has quite a few Netflix users in an uproar. And, as you can see below, many of them have used Twitter to vocalize their thoughts. In fact, the phrase “NETFLIX REVERSE YOUR DECISION” even managed to start trending.

Here are some of the Twitter posts made in response to Netflix’s anti-password sharing plan:

Honestly if we all just agree to cancel our Netflix memberships I feel like they’ll fold in a month or two. But we gotta do it en masse. Yes, I’m suggesting we boycott Netflix.

— ♉️Tali the Stallion♉️ (@BitchpuddingO_o) February 1, 2023

Cancel Netflix. They just lost my business. “Password-sharing” is not a thing, it’s called password-using. This is regressive bullshit borne out of capitalist greed to squeeze more money out of us. People paid for a password and they use it wherever they go.

I have had @netflix since 1997 (Oh god 26 years) and their new password policies requiring monthly log-ins and travel codes (treating customers like criminals) AND the fact that they cancel every new series after the 1st season I’m genuinely considering canceling my subscription.

— Erin Biba (@erinbiba) February 2, 2023

the hilarious thing about this is nobody who’s mooching will choose to pay now, but people who are using legitimate accounts will no doubt run into myriad technical difficulties that will piss them off enough to cancel their accounts, others will cancel just cause fuck netflix

— Kay Taylor Rea (@kaytaylorrea) February 1, 2023

I’ve had Netflix for 13 years, genuinely going to cancel over this. My sister & I share an account, does it really matter that we don’t live together? It’s still 2 people using it either way. Awful.

We should all cancel Netflix and just use other apps till they take back their dumb policy

— kat (@kataclysmicx) February 1, 2023

Well, it seems they finally decided to file for divorce

— Orge Castellano (@orgecastellano) February 1, 2023

Netflix said “I don’t care if you have divorced parents” I guess

Wow, this fucking sucks. So if I just forget to log in to Netflix in 31 days it completely blocks me forever? I can see them losing a lot of customers to this.

— Guy Maddin NFL (EEAAO Sweep) (@suspiraserhead) February 1, 2023

the funniest thing about this whole netflix debacle is that they think password sharing is what’s losing them money when in fact it’s the dwindling selection and cancelling popular shows after like 1 season lmfao

— mon (@ClTYOFMON) February 1, 2023

when netflix dies i’ll stand on their grave and i’ll be dancing

— dana (@udinovsnico) February 1, 2023

netflix managed to piss off *checks notes* college students, divorced families, extended families, just about every fan of every cancelled show, people on vacation ?

— . (@mymyatwaterloo) February 1, 2023

There is absolutely no way any of these new rules are gonna last LOL taking bets on how quickly they reverse this based solely on outrage generated before the policy even goes into effect.

— Erin Biba (@erinbiba) February 2, 2023

What about those of us who travel for work for 3+ months? Or Canadian snowbirds who come to the US for the winter? I guess we’re not watching @netflix.

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Of course, Netflix has previously acknowledged that they expect plenty of users to cancel their subscriptions. As such, it’s unknown how much of an impact these complaints will have. While they may have removed the rules from their website – it seems that’s only because the rules weren’t intended for the United States.

In actuality, Netflix appears to be confident that their anti-password sharing plan will be quite successful. But at a time when streaming services are continuing to grow and compete with one another – it’s unknown how long Netflix will actually stay at the top. Especially if they continue to make such drastic changes to their platform.

As such, users can stay tuned to ScreenGeek for any additional updates regarding Netflix and other such streaming services as we have them. This will certainly be an interesting time for the concept of streaming and what it means for digital entertainment going forward.