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Over the past 18 years, Sean Murray has won the hearts of the "NCIS" fandom with his portrayal of Special Agent Timothy Farragut "Tim" McGee. Some viewers of the popular program may not be aware that the actor was already working in the entertainment industry for 12 years before joining the "NCIS" cast. While speaking to Icon Vs. Icon in 2016, Murray shared that "as far back as [he] can remember, [he] was always a little performer."

"Whether I was doing book reports, oral presentations in class, doing some sort of imitation or putting on a show for my parents when they came home from work, I was always doing something," explained Murray. He went on to say that "Stand By Me," the 1986 film featuring River Phoenix, "made [him] want to pursue it more than anything." Murray noted that his mother, Vivienne Lee, was supportive of his endeavors, "but at the same time was not like a stage mother in any way." Outsider reported that Murray’s mother separated from his father, Navy Captain Craig Harland Murray, in the early 1990s and headed out to Hollywood with her son. While in Los Angeles, Lee began a relationship with famed screenwriter and "NCIS" creator Donald Bellisario. Lee and Bellisario have now been married for well over two decades, nearly as long as Sean Murray’s transformation from childhood into a household name.

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