Out of all the American hot dogs boiling and grilled, few are perhaps as well known, loved, and trusted as Hebrew National sausages. The company has been producing 100 percent beef franks since 1905. The sausages have been gobbled up on the streets of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Jewish delicatessens, and then everywhere else thanks to your neighborhood grocery store.

And it’s not just Jews who love Hebrew National hot dogs: Out of the 6 million Americans who eat kosher today, 75 percent do not follow the Jewish faith. So grab some mustard (but keep the ketchup on the shelf) and relish in the rich history and delicious present of Hebrew National and its hot dogs. There’s so much to know about these classic and iconic sausages: There’s royalty, controversy, classic commercials, famous noshers, album covers, exciting dishes, mix tapes, and a lot of other bits and bites in between to unwrap.