Where is Hoda Kotb? It’s the question at the tip of every Today Show viewer’s lips as fans have been wondering where the cheery co-host has been the past week. Kotb has been absent from her gigs as hosts of both The Today Show and Today With Hoda & Jenna, with no explanation given, and viewers are equally concerned and curious about the host’s whereabouts.

Kotb had a planned absence from work last Monday (Feb. 20) for the President’s Day holiday, but she remained absent from both shows all last week. On The Today Show, her co-host Savannah Guthrie was joined at times by anchor Tom Llamas, as well as by Craig Melvin, who co-hosts the third hour of the show. On today’s episode, Guthrie made passing mention of Hoda’s absence, stating, “Hoda’s off today,” but did not offer any additional details.

So where is Hoda today? Though she has been M.I.A. at work since Feb. 20, she is still actively posting on Instagram, including this post from this morning.

Kotb has also shared separate posts about “good people with kind hearts” and “strong women” over the last few days, and has remained active on Instagram. The vague but optimistic posts don’t hint at her whereabouts though, leading some Today fans to ask for clarity in the comments.

“When are you coming back?” asked one, while another wrote, “Worried about you. HOPE you are missing from Today for a happy reason, but surely am wondering if you are ok.”

Hoda has not responded to any of the queries, nor has anyone at Today confirmed when she’ll return to the show, but the public is demanding that it had better be soon.

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