shopping cart in grocery store

We’ve all gotten more used to going to the grocery store lately. In 2020, people began buying more groceries and changing their shopping habits — not to mention their entire lives — in myriad ways (via The New York Times). Since the start of 2022, price increases from inflation are on grocery shoppers’ minds. But as inflation is becoming more impossible to avoid, we can take a look at which grocery stores are giving us more than just good prices.

Think about healthiness, sustainability practices, organic food offerings, in-house prepared goods, name brand products, discounts, easy-to-navigate aisles, and even atmosphere. Our favorite places to buy groceries wouldn’t be the same without them. But not every store can be the best at everything.

Why are people obsessed with Trader Joe’s employees? What’s with Whole Foods’ high prices? Where can I find a grocery store with animatronic singing cows? What’s the best place to get Japanese groceries? Why should I try shopping at German chains like Aldi and Lidl? Each supermarket has something unique to offer shoppers. Read on to find what the best grocery stores in the U.S. are offering their customers.

Trader Joe's exterior
Sprouts Farmers Market interior
Whole Foods exterior
MOM's organic market exterior
Wegmans grocery store exterior
Stew Leonard's sign
Jungle Jim's waterfall display
Mitsuwa Marketplace outdoor sign
H Mart grocery store sign
H-E-B storefront
Hy-Vee grocery sign
Harris Teeter exterior
exterior of Publix supermarket
exterior of Kroger
Aldi storefront
Lidl grocery store